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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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QuickJump – Quickly Access Folders

With a hotkey you can quickly bring up QuickJump. And by typing a folder’s name you can quickly access said folder.

26 Jun 2013

OpenStego – Free Stenography Solution

Hide messages into images with the free and user friendly stenography solution OpenStego.

25 Jun 2013

Zello – Walkie-talkie Style Voice Conversations

Zello takes a walkie-talkie approach to voice chats. Just push a button and talk to your contacts.

25 Jun 2013

EditBone - Text editor with support for numerous programming languages

EditBone provides syntax highlighting features for over 50 programming languages. It allows you to record macros, preview your work on your web browser, compare files and more.

25 Jun 2013

Synergy - Share the mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

Synergy can be used to control remote computers with the same keyboard and mouse. You just need to move the mouse cursor beyond the screen's edges, to send it to another computer's screen.

25 Jun 2013

Media Buddy - convert media files to new fomats

Media Buddy is a conversion utility which allows you to transform almost any media file to a new format.

25 Jun 2013

MP3 Quality Modifier – Batch Process MP3s to Change their Quality

Use this free application to batch process any MP3 files you want, change their quality, and thus save disk space. An 8MB file can be shrunk down to 2MB for example.

25 Jun 2013

IObit Smart Defrag - Advanced disk defragmentation utility

With IObit Smart Defrag, you can defragment your hard drive manually or schedule automatic tasks. The software can also defrag your partitions according to a schedule, when the computer boots up or when it idles.

25 Jun 2013

IObit Uninstaller - Advanced uninstaller for Windows

IObit Uninstaller is capable of removing any programs from your computer, even if their files are broken or corrupted. Besides uninstalling a program, IObit Uninstaller will also remove leftover files and registry entries.

25 Jun 2013

Vehicle Fleet Manager - manage your vehicle fleet

Vehicle Fleet Manager allows you to organize and manage your entire vehicle fleet and view complete information about service schedules.

25 Jun 2013

BackupAssist - Professional backup software

BackupAssist can be used on regular Windows platforms or on various Server editions. The software can back up and restore files, SQL servers, the operating system and more.

25 Jun 2013

RamDisk Plus - Create and manage RAM disks

RamDisk Plus allows you to create one or more virtual partitions in your computer's RAM. The virtual partitions can have FAT, NTFS or other file systems and you can save them or back them up.

25 Jun 2013

DirectUpdateo - bind your computer's IP address to a DNS service

DirectUpdate allows you to bind the IP address of your computer to almost any DNS service, for making it easier to access your machine on the Internet.

25 Jun 2013

NETGATE Registry Cleaner – Clean, Defragment the Registry

Speed up your PC by fixing Windows Registry problems. Use NETGATE Registry Cleaner to do this efficiently.

25 Jun 2013

Stellarium - Free planetarium application

Stellarium allows you to explore the night sky, from Earth or other planets. It can show you highlighted constellations, distant nebulas and galaxies and much more.

25 Jun 2013

DeskPDF Studio X - Advanced PDF reader and editor

DeskPDF Studio X can be used to open and edit PDF documents. You can modify text or insert new paragraphs, add comments, convert documents to and from PDF and much more.

25 Jun 2013