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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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ImgWater - Image watermarking application

ImgWater can be used to place text watermarks on pictures. It allows you to choose different font settings and change the watermark's position and opacity level.

03 Mar 2014

sWeather – Weather Application for Windows

Select the locations you want and sWeather will present weather info for those locations. Close the application and weather info will be presented in the system tray.

03 Mar 2014

Spews – S Process Excluding Wallpaper Switcher

Spews uses the images you indicate as your wallpaper and automatically switches between wallpapers. Specify a process, and if it runs, the application will not change the wallpaper.

03 Mar 2014

Point Forecaster - Weather forecast application

Point Forecaster can provide you with weather statistics for any city in the United States. The information is displayed for each hour of the day and it is organized in various categories.

03 Mar 2014

Undelete Navigator – Recover Deleted Files

No matter if you accidentally delete a file or if you delete it on purpose, Undelete Navigator will undelete it. This is an application that can recover deleted files.

03 Mar 2014

ffDiaporama - Create video slideshows

ffDiaporama allows you to create slideshows with your pictures and render them as videos, in various formats. The software places numerous customization options at your disposal, for transition effects, slide duration and appearance and much more.

03 Mar 2014

PC Timer Pro – Automate Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Lock Tasks

With PC Timer Pro you can set it so your PC will be restarted at a certain time. This is a tool that can automate several tasks: shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, lock.

03 Mar 2014

AutoStarter - Automate complex operations

AutoStarter can be used to automate any operation, by adding a series of tasks to a list. Each task can be tweaked with custom commands or other parameters.

03 Mar 2014

Folder Merger - Merge the contents of multiple folders

Folder Merger can be used to gather all files from several folders into a single destination folder. The application can store everything directly in the root of the destination folder and it allows you to set up filters.

03 Mar 2014

Freemake Music Box – Free Music and Streaming Player

Play the music files in your collection by using Freemake Music Box. Alternatively, use the application to search for and stream music.

03 Mar 2014

Freemake Video Converter – Convert Video, Audio, DVD, and Images

Take some videos or audio files and convert them from one format to another. Select a DVD folder and convert it. Or load some images into Freemake Video Converter and convert them to a video slideshow.

03 Mar 2014

Windows Live Writer - Word processor for blog posts

Windows Live Writer can be used to write and upload blog articles. It allows you to type your text, insert pictures and videos and more, from the comfort of your desktop.

03 Mar 2014

Windows Live Mail - Mail client from Microsoft

Windows Live Mail looks and feels like MS Outlook, but it has a modern look and it is easier to use. You can manage several mail accounts, schedule appointments, organize contacts and much more.

03 Mar 2014

Batch It! Ultra – Batch Process Images

Batch process images with Batch It! Ultra and rename them, convert them, resize them, watermark them, and more.

03 Mar 2014

Advanced Disk Cleaner – Free Tool to Remove Junk Files

You’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping junk files on your PC. Go get Advanced Disk Cleaner and use this free tool to uncover and remove junk files.

03 Mar 2014

PrivDog - Filter or block ads

PrivDog can block potentially harmful ads on any websites, while delivering only trusted ads. It can also block third party cookies, widgets and trackers.

27 Feb 2014