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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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File Date Corrector - Modify the dates in your files

File Date Corrector can change the creation and modification dates in your files. It provides a wide range of configuration options.

02 Nov 2017

BrightnessTray - Screen brightness control utility

BrightnessTray can be used to control the screen's brightness, by clicking and dragging a slider on the desktop.

02 Nov 2017

Makesoft DuplicateFinder - Fast and efficient duplicate file finder

Makesoft DuplicateFinder can be used to identify duplicate files on the hard drive, regardless of their size or format.

02 Nov 2017

ZIP Code Companion - US ZIP codes database

ZIP Code Companion is a database with US ZIP codes. If you need a ZIP code for a city or an area, you can look it up in just a few seconds.

02 Nov 2017

Floomby - Light and efficient screenshot utility

Floomby can be used to take snapshots of the screen on the fly. You can save your screenshots, send them to the clipboard or upload them to a server.

02 Nov 2017

101 Clips - Clipboard manager

101 Clips can be used to copy multiple items and paste them in any order, at any time. The application provides you with a wide range of useful features.

02 Nov 2017

Simple Screen Brightness Adjuster - Change your screen's brightness

Simple Screen Brightness Adjuster can be used to increase and decrease the screen's brightness. It supports multiple monitors and it lets you save profiles.

01 Nov 2017

MalwareFox - Anti-malware utility

MalwareFox can scan your file for malware infections and it can also prevent future infections with its real-time protection feature.

31 Oct 2017

DNSAgent - Powerful hosts manager

DNSAgent adds more rules to the way the operating system handles incoming and outgoing network traffic, to protect you from malicious websites.

31 Oct 2017

CHM To Exe - Convert CHM files to applications

CHM To Exe extracts all resources from CHM files and it lets you store them as an application or an eBook.

31 Oct 2017

ExeOutput for PHP - Create desktop applications from PHP files

ExeOutput for PHP gives you the possibility of creating native Windows applications from PHP files. The software provides you with a wide range of customization options.

31 Oct 2017

Max Recorder - Record audio on the fly

Max Recorder can be used to record any sounds coming from your browsers or media players. You can save the recordings or send them to iTunes.

30 Oct 2017

Net Uptime Monitor - Internet connection monitor

Net Uptime Monitor performs regular tests on your Internet connection and it logs any failures that occur.

30 Oct 2017

AudioSwitch - Quick audio device selection

AudioSwitch gives you the possibility of switching between different speakers, microphones or headsets much faster, through a system tray icon.

30 Oct 2017

FxSound Enhancer - Audio quality booster

FxSound Enhancer can increase the audio quality on your system. It lets you make a series of fine tweaks and you can also create profiles.

30 Oct 2017

AntiTrack - Disable unpopular Windows 10 features

AntiTrack gives you the possibility of disabling tracking and telemetry features in Windows 10, just by clicking a few switches.

30 Oct 2017