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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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SetTags - File tagging utility

SetTags gives you the possibility of tagging files to make them easy to find, no matter where they are.

23 May 2019

FigLeaf - Protect your online privacy

FigLeaf points out email addresses that may be exposed as a result of a security breach, and it can also help you protect them.

23 May 2019

SpaceEngine - 3D planetarium software

SpaceEngine lets you explore the universe in a realistic 3D environment. You can observe known objects or discover procedurally generated bodies.

21 May 2019

SiteAnalyzer - Website crawler

SiteAnalyzer can gather information about all resources on a website, from links to documents, generate statistics, and identify problems.

21 May 2019

Adios - Shutdown Timer - Automated shutdown utility

Adios - Shutdown Timer will turn off your computer after a set amount of time or after a certain idle time.

20 May 2019

The Silicon Mirror & Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope imagery software

The Silicon Mirror & Kaleidoscope places a kaleidoscope at your disposal, and it lets you use it on any pictures on your hard drive.

17 May 2019

Twitch Sings - Online karaoke game

Twitch Sings lets you sing in front of a crowd on Twitch. It places numerous songs and customization options at your disposal.

17 May 2019

Your Birthday News - Birthday card generator

Your Birthday News creates unique birthday cards, in the form of newspaper front pages, with "on this day" entries.

17 May 2019

Spectacle Editor - Lightweight and easy to use slideshow editor

Spectacle Editor lets you create slideshows on the fly, with its simple and straightforward controls and Plotly integration.

16 May 2019

PolyBoard - Cabinet design tool

You can use PolyBoard to design cabinets, place them on a custom-made floor plan and generate cutting list and assembly instructions.

16 May 2019

Exif Pilot - Image metadata editor

Exif Pilot lets you view and edit all the information tags within your digital photos.

16 May 2019

Retouch Pilot - Fix deteriorated photos

You can use Retouch Pilot to remove scratches and blemishes from old photos that didn't stand the test of time.

16 May 2019

Red Eye Pilot - Remove red-eye effects from your photos

With Red Eye Pilot, you can remove red eyes from your photos at a moment's notice with a single click.

16 May 2019

CloudMounter - Cloud client with support for multiple services

CloudMounter lets you connect to several cloud services and use them as local drives in Windows Explorer.

15 May 2019

WinSetupFromUSB - Install Windows from a USB drive

You can use WinSetupFromUSB to create bootable USB drives, from which you can install Windows or other operating systems.

15 May 2019

XSplit VCam - Remove the background from your webcam feed

If you use XSplit VCam with your webcam, you can blur, replace or remove the background, without the need for a green screen.

15 May 2019