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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Fade In - Professional text editor for screenplays

Fade In looks like a simple text editor on the surface, but the features it provides makes screenplay writing simple and easy.

01 Aug 2018

ViewCompanion - Open, print and convert plotter files

ViewCompanion lets you read plotter files, created by CAD programs. You can print them, annotate, convert them and more.

01 Aug 2018

Diskeeper - Improve your hard drive's performance

Diskeeper prevents the operating system from fragmenting the hard drive when it writes data. It can also make use of available DRAM for better caching performance.

27 Jul 2018

i.Mage - Pixel editing application

i.Mage can be used to edit images pixel-by-pixel. It provides various drawing tools, as well as other useful options.

25 Jul 2018

Tockler - Time tracking application

Tockler keeps track of the time you spend with each application, so you can figure out how to be more productive.

25 Jul 2018

Streamlabs OBS - Live stream application

Streamlabs OBS provides you with everything you need to stream on Twitch, YouTube and other services. It makes it exceptionally easy to customize the stream, receive donations and much more.

25 Jul 2018

Redream - Sega Dreamcast emulator

You can use Redream to play Sega Dreamcast games. ROMs can be imported and managed without any effort.

25 Jul 2018

PuzziPix - Turn your photos into jigsaw puzzles

You can use PuzziPix to make your pictures look like jigsaw puzzles. The software lets you apply and customize a wide range of unique effects.

24 Jul 2018

Watercolor Studio - Turn your images into paintings

Watercolor Studio provides you with a large number of preset effects, for turning images into watercolor paintings.

24 Jul 2018

Chart Geany - Market analysis and charting

Chart Geany can retrieve market data for any specified symbols and it automatically generates charts and statistics.

23 Jul 2018

Intel Driver & Support Assistant - Driver update utility from Intel

Intel Driver & Support Assistant can scan Intel hardware and it provides you with quick options for downloading and installing the latest drivers.

23 Jul 2018

GEDKeeper - Create your family tree

GEDKeeper lets you add people to a database, establish relations and create a family tree. You can also generate reports and carry out many other operations.

29 Jun 2018

AccdbMerge - Database comparison utility

AccdbMerge can be used to compare and merge the contents of MS Access databases. It displays them side by side and it highlights all differences.

29 Jun 2018

Rumpus - Create and manage a file transfer server

Rumpus enables you to create a file transfer server quickly and easily. It gives you a great degree of control over your server.

29 Jun 2018

File Viewer Plus - Open files in almost any format

File Viewer Plus provides support for over 300 file formats. You can open images, documents, media files and much more.

28 Jun 2018

TNTatlas - Geodata viewer

With TNTatlas, you can open geodata files, in various formats, annotate maps, take snapshots and publish or distribute them.

28 Jun 2018