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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Kindlian - Kindle book manager

Kindlian can be used to manage and read Kindle books on a computer. You can also import new books and convert them to a format supported by Kindle.

30 Jan 2018

Rocket.Chat - Open-source team chat software

Rocket.Chat lets you communicate with large teams in a highly customizable environment. The software works on all popular devices and platforms.

29 Jan 2018

vmPing - Powerful pinging utility

vmPing can ping any number of hosts simultaneously and continuously. It can also stress-test hosts and trace routes.

29 Jan 2018

Free Shutter Count - View the shutter cont of DSLR cameras

Free Shutter Count can provide you with useful details about Cannon, Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras, like their shutter cont, make and model and others.

29 Jan 2018

View Free Disk Space - Disk space usage analyzer

View Free Disk Space provides you with useful details about the space usage of your files and folders.

29 Jan 2018

myTuner Radio - Online radio player

myTuner Radio lets you explore countless radio stations from all over the world. You can filter them or search for specific stations and add them to a favorites list.

29 Jan 2018

Chatty - Connect to Twitch chat from your desktop

You can use Chatty to join Twitch chat, without the need for a web browser. The software provides all the same advantages, as well as other useful features.

29 Jan 2018

Signal - Highly secure chat application

If you use Signal to chat with your friends, you can be sure that your messages can only be read by you and your partner.

29 Jan 2018

Teambition - Project collaboration software

Teambition allows multiple users to collaborate on the same projects over the Internet. You can manage tasks, post messages, schedule meetings and more.

29 Jan 2018

XMind ZEN - Mind map editor

XMind ZEN lets you create high quality mind maps. It places a wide range of modern and easy to use tools at your disposal.

29 Jan 2018

Tether Check - Tethering status checker

Tether Check provides you with no-nonsense information about your Internet tethering. It lets you know when it fails and when it is restored.

24 Jan 2018

Movavi PDF Editor - Open and edit PDF files

Movavi PDF Editor lets you manipulate individual items in PDF files, combine documents, extract pages and more.

24 Jan 2018

FinalCrypt - Powerful file encryption utility

FinalCrypt is capable of generating unique encryption keys for your files by using bit data from images and videos, which are impossible to replicate.

24 Jan 2018

IntoDisk - Disk space usage analysis tool

IntoDisk analyses the disk space usage in a given folder or partition and it represents the size of the contents in a color-coded pie chart.

24 Jan 2018

Bluetooth Battery Monitor - View the battery level of your bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Battery Monitor keeps you informed of the battery level of your bluetooth-connected devices. It can also notify you if the battery is about to run out.

24 Jan 2018

Gravit Designer - Vector illustrator software

Gravit Designer can be used to create anything, from icons or logos to websites or complex illustrations, without encountering any difficulties.

24 Jan 2018