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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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MobaXterm – The Ultimate Toolbox for Remote Computing

Programmers, IT admins, webmasters and anyone who is familiar with X servers and SSH clients will agree with the developer’s description of MobaXterm: the ultimate toolbox for remote computing.

20 Jul 2017

Fotowall - Create your own photo wall

Fotowall gives you complete freedom to arrange your photos on a wall however you want. You can export your work in various ways.

20 Jul 2017

Chasys Math – Free Calculator that Can Plot a Graph and More

On the bright side, this free math tool can handle complex numbers, matrix equations, and it can plot graphs. On the downside, it hasn’t seen an update in almost a decade.

20 Jul 2017

Gizmo Editor – Gizmo Central's Text and Hex/Binary Editor

Gizmo Editor, which is part of the Gizmo Central freeware application, is an editor: a text editor and hex/binary editor that integrates with Windows Explorer (a.k.a. the right click context menu).

20 Jul 2017

360 Document Protector - Anti-ransomware protection

360 Document Protector can decrypt data affected by ransomware and it can also back it up, to keep it safe against future attacks.

19 Jul 2017

Efficient Notes Free – Create, Manage and Safely Store Notes

Efficient Notes Free serves as a central repository for all your notes. Efficient Software offers a paid version as well and, as expected, it has much more to offer.

18 Jul 2017

Linkman Lite - Advanced bookmark manager

Linkman Lite can be used to manage bookmarks. The software lets you add them manually, import them from various sources and organize them without any effort.

18 Jul 2017

iZoom – Virtual Magnifier and Screen Reader for the Visually Impaired

iZoom helps the visually impaired by putting a virtual magnifier and a screen reader at their disposal. iZoom is free to use for 30 days and pricing starts at $299.

18 Jul 2017

ChordWizard Music Theory - Musical theory lessons

ChordWizard Music Theory provides you with numerous lessons on how music works and how you can play it.

18 Jul 2017

Google Backup and Sync - Back up your important data

Google Backup and Sync can keep your local folders synchronized with a cloud folder on Google Drive. All your important data will be kept safe at all times.

18 Jul 2017

WinMend Disk Cleaner - Disk cleanup utility

WinMend Disk Cleaner can be used to remove all temporary files and other junk data from your hard drive. It can also provide you with disk usage statistics.

18 Jul 2017

Gizmo Hasher – Calculate Hash Values from the Context Menu

Gizmo Hasher integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing you to calculate a file’s hash values from the right click context menu. Gizmo Hasher is part of a free tool called Gizmo Central.

18 Jul 2017

Dynamic Info Screen – Digital Signage Software for Offices, Reception Desks, Restaurants, and More

Dynamic Info Screen, XemiComputers' paid digital signage software, turns a computer into a media rich info display for offices, reception desks, restaurants, and so on.

18 Jul 2017

WindowManager – Make Sure Applications Remember their Window Position

Some applications remember where you placed their window and how you resized it, while others don’t. WindowManager makes sure that the "others" remember as well.

18 Jul 2017

CleanShot - Light and efficient screen capture utility

CleanShot can be used to record the screen or take snapshots. Both operations can be carried out extremely fast, without any effort.

14 Jul 2017

StreamBuffRe - Live stream buffering utility

StreamBuffRe can be used to buffer and redirect live streams to a location of your choice. The software can also save them in a local folder.

14 Jul 2017