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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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File Lock - File protection utility

File Lock can lock, hide, password-protect and encrypt your files. You can perform each of these operations separately.

11 Jul 2017

TumblThree – Free Tool To Back up or Download Tumblr Blogs

You could use the free TumblThree application to back up your own, personal Tumblr blog. Or you could use it to download someone else’s blog. The choice is yours.

06 Jul 2017

Passbook – Free and Portable Password Manager and Generator

Passbook stores all your usernames & passwords in a Blowfish-encrypted and password-protected file. It even comes with a built-in tool that can generate passwords.

06 Jul 2017

NTFS Mechanic – Recover Data from NTFS-formatted Storage Devices

NTFS Mechanic promises to recover data from NTFS-formatted hard disks or portable storage devices. It shows you the files that could be recovered, but doesn’t recover them unless you buy a license.

06 Jul 2017

iGrid – Puts a Drawing Grind on Your Desktop

Launch iGrid and a drawing grid will show up on your desktop. It will take up your entire desktop and cover everything. From the Settings menu you can customize the way the grid looks like.

06 Jul 2017

WinMend File Splitter – Split a Large File into Several Smaller Blocks

WinMend File Splitter can take a large file and split it into multiple smaller blocks. It can also take these smaller blocks and piece them together to recreate the original large file.

06 Jul 2017

CyberPower Disc Creator - Disc burning utility

CyberPower Disc Creator can be used to burn data on discs, create audio CDs, as well as video DVDs.

06 Jul 2017

CyberPower Video Switch - Video conversion software

CyberPower Video Switch can be used to convert video files between various formats. It works fast and it doesn't use too many resources.

06 Jul 2017

EASIS Data Eraser – Promises to Securely Wipe Hard Drives, Partitions, and Portable Storage Devices

EASIS Data Eraser promises to securely wipe hard drives, partitions, and portable storage devices. Sadly though, it failed to deliver on that promise during my tests.

29 Jun 2017

EASIS Drive Check – Reads the Hard Drive's SMART Info and Detects Errors

EASIS Drive Check can perform two types of tests: a S.M.A.R.T. Test, which reads your hard disk’s SMART info, and a Sector Test, which checks for errors and bad sectors.

29 Jun 2017

Batch Inpaint – Batch Process Images and Remove Unwanted Objects

Batch Inpaint can process multiple images at once and remove unwanted objects from those images. Things like watermarks and date stamps for example.

29 Jun 2017

Easy Computer Sync – Sync Data between Two Computers with this Tool and an Easy Transfer Cable

Syncing data between two computers is a very simple task as long as you use the Easy Computer Sync software and an Easy Transfer Cable. None of which are free by the way.

29 Jun 2017

Auto Presser - Automatic key pressing utility

Auto Presser can be set to press a specific key or combination. It can keep pressing until you stop it.

29 Jun 2017

Advanced JPG to PDF Free - Convert pictures to PDF

Advanced JPG to PDF Free gives you the possibility of converting digital photos into PDFs in just a few seconds.

29 Jun 2017

Advanced OCR Free - Optical character recognition utility

Advanced OCR Free can be used to extract editable text from images and PDFs. The application is lightweight and it works fast.

29 Jun 2017

CueMaster - Create cue sheets for audio CDs

CueMaster can retrieve information from local or online sources to create cue sheets for your audio CDs.

29 Jun 2017