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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Bitdefender Home Scanner – Scan for Weaknesses and Backdoors into Your Home Network

Are all the devices connected to your home network safe? Bitdefender Home Scanner has an answer for that question. It scans your network and lists all the devices that might be at risk.

31 May 2017

Recovery Explorer – Professional Data Recovery Software

Recover data that you lost because you accidentally deleted it, because someone purposely deleted it, or because some sort of accident took place. Recovery Explorer has extensive data recovery capabilities to offer.

30 May 2017

NCSwitch - Change your PC settings instantly

You can use NCSwitch to save your current PC configurations and restore them at a moment's notice, just by double clicking a desktop shortcut.

30 May 2017

Captura – Screen Capture Tool that Takes Screenshots and Records Video

Take screenshots or video record your desktop (complete with sound, mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes) with Captura, a free and open source screen capture tool that doesn’t need to be installed.

30 May 2017

Duet Display - Use an iPad as a secondary monitor

With Duet Display, you can use an iPad or iPhone as a secondary monitor. All you have to do is run the application on both sides.

30 May 2017

Visolve - Color filters for your screen

Visolve can be used to transform colors on your screen, which is particularly useful for people with colorblindness.

30 May 2017

Vovsoft Burn Studio – Free Tool to Burn Data onto Discs

Burn data onto CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. That is, in a nutshell, what you can do with Vovsoft’s free tool, the aptly named Burn Studio.

30 May 2017

Vovsoft Webcam Capture – Free Tool to View Webcam Footage & Take Screenshots

Vovsoft’s Webcam Capture does two things: it displays whatever your webcam sees and it lets you take screenshots. This application is free and should work with any Windows PC.

30 May 2017

Text Edit Plus – Vovsoft’s Alternative to Microsoft’s Notepad

Developer Vovsoft presents this text editor as an alternative to Microsoft’s Notepad. Obviously, Text Edit Plus has more features to offer than Notepad: delete empty lines, filter lines, encode or decode text, and more.

30 May 2017

MS Word Pages Split – Split Pages into Separate MS Word Documents

Take a Microsoft Word document that has 80 pages for example and split it into 8 separate documents that have 10 pages each. You can do that sort of thing with MS Word Pages Split.

30 May 2017

Mytoolsoft File Renamer - Batch file renaming utility

Mytoolsoft File Renamer can be used to rename large numbers of files in one go. The application can be aimed at specific types of files and it supports several renaming methods.

30 May 2017

HideAway - Highly efficient VPN client

HideAway lets you decide which browser should have it's Internet traffic rerouted, instead of redirecting everything. As a result, the application works much faster than other VPN clients.

30 May 2017

ScreenHunter Pro – Screen capture utility

ScreenHunter Pro can be used to record the screen or take snapshots. The application places a wide range of useful options at your disposal.

30 May 2017

CrococryptFile - Data encryption tool

CrococryptFile can be used to encrypt single files or entire folders. The application supports a wide range of encryption algorithms.

25 May 2017

Security Eye - Surveillance application

Security Eye can be used to monitor one or more camera feeds. What's more, the application can detect motion and react to it in various ways.

25 May 2017

Seed4.Me – Protect Your Data and Privacy with this VPN

You’d never know by simply looking at the name, but Seed4.Me is a VPN application. As such, it encrypts your connection to the web, protecting your data and privacy against hackers and snoopers.

25 May 2017