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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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TweetDuck – A Great Alternative to the Discontinued TweetDeck Desktop Application

TweetDeck for Windows is no more. But the functionality lives on with TweetDuck, a free and open source desktop client for the discontinued TweetDuck desktop application.

04 May 2017

SBGuard Anti-Ransomware - Protect your data against ramsomeware

While working in the background, SBGuard Anti-Ransomware can protect your data against all kinds of ransomeware attacks.

04 May 2017

Smartsoft Anti-Malware - Protect your system from malware

Smartsoft Anti-Malware provides you with a series of useful tools, for protecting your system against malware and for protecting your privacy.

04 May 2017

Keyboard Lights – A popup briefly shows up on pressing Num, Caps or Scroll Lock

Press Num Lock, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock and Keyboard Lights will briefly show a popup notification that displays the key’s status.

04 May 2017

Health Break – Tracks Your Work and Idle Time, Reminds You to Take a Break

Health Break will remind you to take a break. Work continuously for 20 minutes for example, and when those 20 minutes are up Health Break will bring up a prompt and tell you to take a break.

04 May 2017

UninstallView – See All the Applications that You Could Uninstall

UninstallView scans your PC and lists all installed applications. It can uninstall applications as well, but it does this using the software’s standard uninstall command, just like Windows’ default uninstaller.

04 May 2017

Wide Angle PDF Converter - Convert PDFs to other formats

Wide Angle PDF Converter lets you convert PDFs to various formats. Additionally, you can merge them and split them and perform other operations.

04 May 2017

WaveCut Audio Editor - Lightweight audio editor

WaveCut Audio Editor can be used to make numerous adjustments on audio tracks, apply filters, convert and more.

04 May 2017

Kaspersky Secure Connection – Protects Your Privacy and Data When You're Online

Kaspersky Secure Connection protects your privacy and data, just like a VPN should. It encrypts your internet connection and it hides your real IP address.

02 May 2017

DigiVault - Protect sensitive data

With DigiVault, you can store your sensitive files in highly encrypted repositories. The application supports numerous encryption algorithms.

02 May 2017

VidCutter - Video cutting utility

VidCutter can be used to cut videos into multiple bits. You can extract single or multiple segments.

02 May 2017

Logitech Gaming Software – Works with most G-series mice, keyboards, and headsets

G-series mice, keyboards and headsets are accompanied by Logitech Gaming Software, a handy tool which you can use to customize how the buttons work, adjust the RGB lighting, monitor the battery level, and more.

28 Apr 2017

Bootable USB Test – Free Tool that Puts Bootable USB Devices to the Test

Novicorp’s main application, WinToFlash, can be used to create bootable USB drives. Drives that can be tested with another Novicorp application, the aptly named Bootable USB Test.

27 Apr 2017

RemotePC – Remotely access your computer from anywhere, at any time

Thanks to RemotePC I can easily access my work PC from my Android smartphone. That’s how I use it, on a PC and an Android. You can also use RemotePC on Mac and iOS.

27 Apr 2017

GitHub Desktop – Contribute to Projects Hosted on GitHub

GitHub Desktop, which is available for both PC and Mac, gives developers an efficient means of contributing to projects hosted on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.

11 Apr 2017

Speedify – VPN Built for Speed, Security and Reliability

VPNs are great because they offer security and protect you from prying eyes. Speedify is great because it promises to also offer speed and reliability.

11 Apr 2017