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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Disk Pulverizer – Permanently Erase Data

Make sure the data you delete is truly gone. Use the Disk Pulverizer application to permanently erase data.

06 Mar 2014

Advanced File Encryption Pro – Advanced Encryption Tool

Advanced File Encryption Pro is meant for commercial usage. It is a powerful and advanced encryption tool that will work with Windows-powered PCs.

06 Mar 2014

Avro Keyboard - Bangla keyboard for Windows

Avro Keyboard has much more to offer than Bangla characters. Phonetic typing, several keyboard layouts and the possibility of defining custom layouts are just a few examples.

06 Mar 2014

AbAlarm - Modern reminder application

AbAlarm allows you to set up several countdown timers and alarm clocks. When a timer expires, the application can play sounds, run programs and perform other actions automatically.

06 Mar 2014

BitKiller - File shredding application

BitKiller can be used to completely destroy data. Besides erasing files, it can also replace the information with random data or overwrite them up to 35 times.

05 Mar 2014

PhotoScissors – Remove the Background from a Photo

The photo editing tool PhotoScissors will help you remove the background from a photo. It’s like cutting out part of a photo and throwing away whatever is in the background.

05 Mar 2014

ip-shield - Hide your real IP address

With ip-shield, you can reroute your Internet traffic through one of many VPNs, from around the world. As a result, your identity will remain private, you will be able to bypass regional restrictions and more.

05 Mar 2014

Surfblocker - Internet access restriction utility

Surfblocker can prevent applications and services from connecting to the Internet and it can block harmful or unwanted websites. You can define various rules and exceptions and apply them according to a schedule.

05 Mar 2014

Webinaria - Screen recording application

Webinaria can be used to record the entire screen, part of it or user-selected windows. The application places a few tools at your disposal, for adding text on the recordings and for converting or uploading them.

05 Mar 2014

Fund Manager – Portfolio Management Software

Investors, advisors, and traders are sure to find value in Fund Manager, a portfolio management software application for Windows-powered machines.

05 Mar 2014

myDoc3D – Efficiently, Securely Manage Your Documents

Efficiently, securely, and conveniently manage all your documents with a bit of help from myDoc3D, a tool that is ideally suited for small offices and small businesses.

05 Mar 2014

iimgry - Screenshot sharing utility

iimgry can be used to take snapshots of the screen, which are uploaded automatically to an online gallery. You can also create and upload gif animations and share your files via different social medias.

05 Mar 2014

RAR Password Unlocker - Unlock password-protected RAR archives

RAR Password Unlocker can recover lost passwords from RAR archives. The software can perform a brute force attack, with or without masks and it can also perform a dictionary attack.

05 Mar 2014

Recomposit – Photo Editing Tool

Use the Recomposit photo editing tool to remove red eyes, to remove unwanted elements from images, to adjust the colors, and more.

05 Mar 2014

OrangeCD Suite - Play and organize your music albums

OrangeCD Suite includes a smart music cataloging application, with many automated features. It also comes with a lightweight and easy to use CD player.

05 Mar 2014

Office Chat - Business-oriented instant messenger

You can use Office Chat to communicate with your co-workers, on a PC, an iOS or Android device. The application allows you to join or host conferences, chat in private, exchange files and much more.

04 Mar 2014