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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Garmin Express – Manage Your Garmin Devices

Garmin Express comes in handy if you have navigation equipment from Garmin. It helps you manage all your Garmin devices.

18 May 2015

Encrypto – MacPaw’s Free Encryption Tool

Encrypto, an encryption tool offered for free by MacPaw, help you easily encrypt files and folders. This is something you may want to do before sending data over the web.

15 May 2015

CloneApp – Back Up Application Settings

Back up application settings with Mirinsoft’s CloneApp tool and make your life easier when you reinstall Windows.

15 May 2015

ZenVPN – Connect to VPN Servers in France, UK, US, Russia, and More

Get ZenVPN and surf the web freely by connecting to a VPN server from the US, France, Netherlands, or some other location around the world.

15 May 2015

Disk Partition Recovery Free – Recover Data from Deleted Partitions

Disk Partition Recovery Free will help you recover music, pictures, documents, videos, and other types of files from partitions – deleted, formatted, or lost partitions.

15 May 2015

Free Picture Resizer – Resize, Edit, Convert Images

The main thing you can do with Free Picture Resizer is resize images – one at a time or batch resize multiple images. You can also use Free Picture Resizer to edit and convert images.

15 May 2015

Project Maelstrom – BitTorrent’s Browser for a Better Web

BitTorrent envisions a better web, a web powered by the people. Maelstrom is the browser BitTorrent created for this better, people-powered web.

14 May 2015

ZenMate – VPN add-on for Firefox

ZenMate integrates with your Firefox web browser and offers the security and privacy you would expect to get from a VPN application.

14 May 2015

novaPDF Lite – The Baby in the novaPDF Line

novaPDF is a great tool for turning printable files into PDF documents. Three novaPDF editions are available. novaPDF Lite is the baby in the series.

14 May 2015

DeskRule - Fast and efficient search utility

DeskRule is capable of finding any files on your hard drive. It lets you set and combine filters for all sorts of file properties.

14 May 2015

Dual Screen Video Maker – Render Two Videos, Side by Side

Dual Screen Video Maker lets you take two videos and place them side by side. One video will be on the left, the other on the right hand side.

14 May 2015

Video Logo Remover – Remove Logos from Videos

Load a video into this application, mark the position of the logo, and let Video Logo Remover process the video. The application will remove the logo from that video.

14 May 2015

Pomotodo – Helps You Work More Efficiently

Efficiently manage your time and your to dos with Pomotodo, a tool that uses the GTD and Pomodoro methods to help you get things done faster.

14 May 2015

Quoll Writer – A Very Useful Tool for Writers

Quoll Writer has a minimalist interface so that you can focus on your writing, not on something else. It has lots of useful features that will help you with your writing.

14 May 2015

Mytuning Utilities – Speed Up Your PC

Mytuning Utilities can fix problems with the Windows Registry, remove junk files that waste disk space, defrag drives, and perform other tasks that will speed up your PC.

14 May 2015

VoiceBot - Voice-triggered macros for games

VoiceBot gives you the possibility of creating simple or complex macros for games, which can be triggered with voice commands of your choice.

14 May 2015