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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Magic Desktop - Edutainment environment for children

Magic Desktop works like a miniature operating system, in which children can view safe online content, access interactive educational materials and more.

03 Jun 2016

Icon Craft - Icon drawing utility

Icon Craft can be used to draw icons and cursors from scratch. You can also edit existing ones or create icons from pictures.

03 Jun 2016

Perfect Icon - Create your own icons

Perfect Icon lets you create icons from any pictures on your hard drive. You can make them in various shapes and sizes.

03 Jun 2016

MathGraph32 - Geometry, analysis and simulation software

MathGraph32 can be used to draw any geometrical shapes, graphs and much more. It can help you analyze theorems, run simulations and carry out other operations.

27 May 2016

ioGuard Drive - Data protection utility

ioGuard Drive is capable of creating virtual partitions on USB flash drives, which are password-protected. They are ideal for protecting important files.

27 May 2016

Leanote - Efficient notes organizer

Leanote lets you store your personal notes in a secure database. What's more, the software can upload your notes to the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere in the world.

27 May 2016

Google Earth Pro - Virtual world explorer

With Google Earth Pro, you can explore the whole world, the moon and Mars. Additionally, the software provides you with many interesting tools.

26 May 2016

Movavi Photo DeNoise - Remove noise from your pictures

Movavi Photo DeNoise can be used to remove image noise from your pictures at a moment's notice, without any effort.

26 May 2016

Dr.Capture - Screen capturing utility

Dr.Capture can be used to take screenshots and to record the screen. It lets you choose between several capturing modes and you can also make various adjustments.

26 May 2016

WinTools.net Premium - System maintenance tools

WinTools.net Premium provides you with everything you need to clean up your hard drive, completely uninstall programs, tweak the system's user interface and much more.

25 May 2016

Franz - Multiple messengers on one interface

Franz combines multiple instant messaging services on one user interface. You can chat with people through Skype, Steam Chat and other services on the same window.

24 May 2016

Photon - Lightweight and highly efficient screenshot application

Photon can be used to capture the screen quickly and easily. It lets you insert annotations on the fly and it provides various output options.

24 May 2016

TotalVPN - Surf the web privately

TotalVPN can redirect your Internet connection through various VPNs, so you can visit your favorite websites anonymously and without any restrictions.

24 May 2016

Sid - Light and secure chat application

Sid can be used to chat with people between computers and mobile devices. The application's functionality is straightforward and easy to master.

23 May 2016

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 - Professional productivity package

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 provides the same tools as before, as well as some new features, like a tools search bar, better security and Wikipedia integration.

19 May 2016

Sidebar Diagnostics - Hardware diagnostics at a glance

Sidebar Diagnostics provides you with various statistics about your computer, including CPU load and temperature, RAM usage and much more.

19 May 2016