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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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DiskInternals Linux Reader – Access Drives Formatted for Linux

Install DiskInternals Linux Reader on your Windows PC and you’ll be able to access drives that have been formatted for Linux.

14 Jul 2015

RoboPostman – Design and Send Newsletters

Use RoboPostman on your PC or on your Mac to design and send out newsletters, invitations, announcements, and other things of the sort to all the people in your mailing list.

14 Jul 2015

Project Canvas – Versatile Presentation Tool

Project Canvas, a multimedia presentation tool offered by Canadian developer Koingo Software, is great for creating interactive tutorials, interesting presentations, adventure games, and more.

14 Jul 2015

Electronic Piano – Use Your Keyboard to Play 128 Musical Instruments

The free Electronic Piano application turns your PC into a virtual piano that you can play with your keyboard and it provides access to 128 musical instruments.

14 Jul 2015

Morz Image Converter – Convert JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF Images

Select some JPG images for example and Morz Image Converter will convert them to another format. It will convert them to PNG, BMP, or GIF.

14 Jul 2015

iTunes Backup Extractor - Access your iTunes backups

iTunes Backup Extractor can be used to open iTunes backups and to extract their contents. You can extract them selectively or everything at once.

14 Jul 2015

Wallpapers Bot – More than 30,000 Desktop Wallpapers

Wallpapers Bot provides access to a collection of more than 30,000 images, images that you can download or set as your desktop wallpaper/background.

08 Jul 2015

Mobirise – Free Mobile Website Builder

You don’t need any coding experience and you don’t have to spend any money to create a mobile-friendly website. You can easily build one with Mobirise.

08 Jul 2015

VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate – Fast Conversion of Blu-ray Movies

Take a Blu-ray movie and convert it any format you want. VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate can convert Blu-ray disks, folders, and ISOs to a variety of formats.

08 Jul 2015

Noatikl – Intermorphic’s Generative Music Composer

If you’re a fan of generative music, if you want to create your own generative music, then by all means, go get Intermorphic’s Noatikl.

08 Jul 2015

Mixtikl – Generative Music and Loop Mixer

Mixtikl, Intermorphic’s generative music editor, mixer, arranger and cell sequencer, is available for multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

08 Jul 2015

Velocity – Offline Access to Tons of API Documentation Sets

Download API documentation sets and have offline access to them at any time. That’s what you can expect from Silverlake Software’s Velocity.

25 Jun 2015

Phrozen RunPE Detector – Detect Malware by Uncovering Suspicious Processes

RunPE Detector, a Phrozen Software security program, will detect malware infections by uncovering suspicious processes.

24 Jun 2015

Windows Firewall Notifier – WFN for Short

Windows Firewall Notifier (WFN) will help you keep a closer eye on the firewall Microsoft’s Windows operating system has to offer.

24 Jun 2015

Pixi Paint – Fun yet Useful Pixel Editor

Novices are going to find this pixel editor fun and easy to use. Advanced and expert users are going to find Pixi Paint a useful tool for creating pixel art.

24 Jun 2015

Lookeen Free – Desktop Search Tool

What are you looking for? No matter what you’re looking for, the Lookeen desktop search tool will help you find it.

24 Jun 2015