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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Cloud Antivirus Total Protection – Antivirus Protection, Firewall, Protection, and More

Cloud Antivirus Total Protection, a security solution developed by a small team from Greece whose main goal is to help you keep your PC safe from viruses.

10 Jun 2015

O2Tunes – AmoyShare’s Alternative to iTunes

AmoyShare, via its O2Tunes application, provides an alternative to all those who don’t want to use iTunes to transfer music between their Apple device and their PC.

10 Jun 2015

Polaris Office Sync – Desktop Sync Program for Polaris Office

With Polaris Office on your mobile, you can create, view and edit Office documents. With Polaris Office Sync on your desktop, you can manage and keep all your documents in sync.

10 Jun 2015

LogMeIn Client - Cross platform remote control utility

LogMeIn Client can be used to control other computers remotely. What's more, the software lets you manage your computers and control them from mobile devices as well.

10 Jun 2015

Chromodo – Private Internet Browser Based on Chromium and Dragon

The Chromodo web browser is based on Google’s Chromium and Comodo’s own Dragon. It’s fast as Chromium, secure as Dragon, and features some extra privacy protection features.

10 Jun 2015

Full Video Audio Mixer – Mix Videos and Music

Select a video and an audio file and Full Video Audio Mixer will mix the two together. This tool lets you set whatever audio file you want as a video's background audio.

10 Jun 2015

Game Fire – Prep Your PC for Playing Games

Game Fire preps your PC for playing games by optimizing it for top performance.

10 Jun 2015

HTTP Debugger – HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer for Windows

Use HTTP Debugger to find and fix website errors, identity and address performance bottlenecks, view a web page’s source code, analyze traffic produced by browser add-ons, and more.

10 Jun 2015

Simple Run Blocker – Block Applications, Hide or Lock Drives

Block applications so that others can’t access them. Hide or lock drives so that others can’t access them. You can block applications as well as hide or lock drives with Simple Run Blocker.

08 Jun 2015

WebCam On-Off – Easily Disable Your Webcam

WebCam On-Off, a free and portable Sordum product, provides a very simple means of disabling and enabling the webcam.

08 Jun 2015

TomTom Home – Manage Your TomTom Navigation Device

TomTom Home is a must if you have a TomTom navigation device. You see, this application helps you efficiently manage said navigation device.

05 Jun 2015

Eusing Free Video Converter – Free Tool to Convert Videos

Pick a profile (output device or format) from Eusing Free Video Converter’s interface, select the video you want to convert, launch and wait for the conversion to complete.

05 Jun 2015

Eusing Free Registry Defrag – Free Registry Defragmentation Software

Scan the Windows Registry for signs of fragmentation; defrag the Registry if needed. That’s what you can expect to get from Eusing Free Registry Defrag.

05 Jun 2015

Wise Force Deleter – Unlock and Delete Files

When the regular way of deleting files does not work, turn to Wise Force Deleter for help. This free tool can unlock and delete files.

05 Jun 2015

Random Word Generator - Create new words instantly

Random Word Generator is capable of generating countless words, based on a wide range of user-defined rules.

05 Jun 2015

PC Health Tuner – Tool to Clean and Optimize your PC

Technochrome, with its PC Health Tuner applications, wants to help you clean and optimize your PC.

04 Jun 2015