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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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White Christmas 3D Screensaver - Christmas-themed screensaver

White Christmas 3D Screensaver shows a cozy-looking cabin in the woods, rendered in 3D. Together with its soundtrack, it creates a believable Christmas atmosphere.

22 Dec 2015

Christmas Symphony Screensaver - Christmas-inspired wallpaper

Christmas Symphony Screensaver works particularly well with children, due to its cartoon-like graphics and joyful soundtrack.

22 Dec 2015

AWGG - Fast and efficient download manager

AWGG relies on the power of Wget, Aria 2 and other download engines. It is capable of downloading data quickly and it places a good amount of useful features at your disposal.

16 Dec 2015

Comodo Internet Security Free - Free security solution

Comodo Internet Security Free provides real-time protection against malware and virus threats, a virtual desktop, a game boost feature and more.

16 Dec 2015

ReaConverter Lite - Batch image processor

ReaConverter Lite provides an efficient solution for converting large numbers of images, transforming them or adjusting them.

16 Dec 2015

Macgo Free Media Player - Lightweight and efficient media player

Macgo Free Media Player can play media files in almost any format. What's more, the application is capable of streaming them to iOS devices.

16 Dec 2015

Soft4Boost Video Studio - Video editing softwre

Soft4Boost Video Studio can be used to create video montages. It provides support for numerous media formats, it comes with countless predefined effects and more.

16 Dec 2015

MeinPlatz - Disk space usage analysis

MeinPlatz can tell you which files take up the most disk space in a certain partition or folder. The application is lightweight and easy to use.

16 Dec 2015

Tableau Public - Data visualization software

Tableau Public can be used to extract data from spreadsheets and other document types and to represent them in graphs, charts and diagrams.

09 Dec 2015

Simple Sticky Notes - Highly flexible sticky notes utility

Simple Sticky Notes provides you with a wide range of useful features for creating and managing sticky notes, including color coding and scheduled reminders.

09 Dec 2015

Metronomos - Parental control utility

Metronomos lets you limit your children to a certain number of hours per day when it comes to computer usage.

08 Dec 2015

Magix Music Studio - Music production software

Magix Music Studio places various music production tools at your disposal. It lets you use external hardware, it can upload productions directly to the Internet and more.

08 Dec 2015

Apps Tracker - Application usage tracker

Apps Tracker lets you know how much time you spend with individual programs. It provides you with daily statistics, pie charts and more.

02 Dec 2015

Andriller - Android forensics tool

Andriller can retrieve a huge amount of information from Android smartphones. Additionally, it can decode pattern locks, crack PINs and more.

02 Dec 2015

PixiShot - Image management software

PixiShot lets you sort and filter your images, geo-tag them and much more. The software has a familiar and user friendly design.

25 Nov 2015

AlomWare Reset - Simulate system reboots

AlomWare Reset can reset the state of your operating system, without restarting the computer. It is an ideal solution for hung applications or freshly installed ones.

24 Nov 2015