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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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JDiskReport – Free Graphical Disk Report Utility

JDiskReport, a free graphical disk report utility, will help you understand how disk space is being used. It analyzes disk usage and displays detailed charts.

10 Jun 2014

Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus – Undo Changes Made to a PC

Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus keeps a PC in a perpetual state of wellbeing. Any changes made to that PC are unmade by the application.

10 Jun 2014

O&O DiskImage - Advanced backup utility

O&O DiskImage can back up individual files and folders, disk partitions or the entire system. The backups are stored as virtual images, which can be mounted, burned on a disc and more.

10 Jun 2014

Pogoplug Backup – Online Backup and Cloud Storage

Back up your files to the web. Safely store your important data to the cloud with Pogoplug.

06 Jun 2014

SafeCopy - Fully automated backup application

While SafeCopy is running on your computer, it will automatically back up anything you store in a targeted folder. Backed up data is stored in the cloud and it can be accessed on a web interface.

06 Jun 2014

Norton Online Backup – “Set and Forget” Backup Functionality

Specify a source and all the files from that source will be backed up automatically by Norton Online Backup. Pick a folder for example, and all the files inside it will be automatically backed up.

06 Jun 2014

Norton Security Scan – See If Your PC Is Infected

See if your PC is infected by running an on-demand or scheduled scan with Norton Security Scan. The security tool will look for viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats.

06 Jun 2014

Hightail – Share or Send Files and Folders

Sync files and folders across multiple platforms with Hightail. Share or send files and folders to others with the same application.

05 Jun 2014

Vim - Advanced text editor

Vim can be used primarily for writing code, but you can also use it for anything else, from composing emails to editing configuration files.

05 Jun 2014

Ohm Studio - Digital audio workstation

Besides its advanced audio editing capabilities, Ohm Studio provides support for real-time online collaborations with other users, as well as an elegant project management system.

05 Jun 2014

InViewer - Lightweight and efficient image viewer

InViewer works faster and it is more efficient than the standard image viewer that comes preinstalled in Windows. You can view images in all popular formats and play music and videos as well.

05 Jun 2014

Halite - Lightweight BitTorrent client

Halite can be used to download huge amounts of data via BitTorrents. It provides support for magnet URI and it comes with a good number of useful features.

05 Jun 2014

Genie Timeline Free - Smart backup utility

It takes only a few seconds to set Genie Timeline Free to back up a wide array of data and to monitor the source folders. Besides restoring files, you can also restore older versions of the same files.

05 Jun 2014

OkayFreedom VPN - Lightweight and efficient VPN client

With OkayFreedom VPN, you can redirect your Internet traffic through various virtual private networks, with only one click. You can either let the application choose a country for you or select one yourself.

05 Jun 2014

Sublime Text - Versatile text editor

Besides syntax highlighting or auto-completion features, Sublime Text offers a myriad of interesting functions. It allows you to edit multiple pieces of text simultaneously, edit multiple documents in split-screen mode and much more.

05 Jun 2014

FilesAnywhere CoolBackup – Reliable Backup and Sync Tool

Set up a profile, specify what data will be backed up, pick a sync method, and FilesAnywhere CoolBackup will do as instructed. It will run unattended and back up/sync your data.

04 Jun 2014