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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Foxmail – Very Useful Email Client

Foxmail can prove to be a very useful email client, once you get over the initial language barrier. Use it to read emails, compose and send out emails, manage all the emails in your inbox.

08 Jul 2014

Windows Phone Device Manager – Lots of Functionality for Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone users are going to appreciate that Windows Phone Device Manager has lots of functionality to offer: manage apps, explore files and folders, set ringtones, capture phone screen, and more.

08 Jul 2014

PhoneRescue – Data Recovery Tool for iPhone

PhoneRescue, a data recovery tool for iPhone, can bring back recently deleted data, inaccessible media, and app files.

08 Jul 2014

Laplink Defrag – Protection from Strong Fragmentation

Avoid strong fragmentation and the nuisances that go along with it by using Laplink Software’s Defrag, a tool that monitors your PC in the background and automatically defragments data.

08 Jul 2014

Android Injector – Install Apps on your Android Mobile

With Harmony Hollow’s Android Injector tool you can easily install apps on the Android mobile that is connected via USB to the PC.

08 Jul 2014

FreeCAD – Basic 3D CAD with Advanced Motion Simulation Capabilities

FreeCAD is free software released under a GNU GPL. Without asking for any money in return, it provides basic 3D CAD and advanced motion simulation capabilities.

08 Jul 2014

ExpatShield – Private, Secure Web Browsing

ExpatShield protects your identity and privacy by switching your real IP with one from the UK. By doing so it also allows you to access content that is blocked to users from outside the UK.

07 Jul 2014

HTC Sync Manager – Sync Media between your PC and Your HTC Phone

Sync media between your PC and your HTC phone, manage content on your HTC phone, get the latest software updates for your phone, back up and restore phone content. All these can be done with HTC Sync Manager.

07 Jul 2014

WinAudit - Inventory Utility for Windows Computers

Run the free and portable application WinAudit and it will create a detailed and comprehensive report that includes lots of details: system overview, installed software, hardware devices, installed printers, startup programs, and more.

07 Jul 2014

Turbo Internet – Internet Accelerator, Download Manager, Bookmark Manager

Turbo Internet optimizes your internet connection, helps you quickly download data from the web, and allows you to bookmark any webpage you want. It is an internet accelerator, download manager, and bookmark manager at the same time.

07 Jul 2014

Universal USB Installer (a.k.a UUI) – Live Linux USB Creator

Create a bootable USB stick that you can use to run your favorite Linux distribution. That’s what you can do with Universal USB Installer (UUI for short).

07 Jul 2014

Readon TV Movie Radio Player – TV Over IP Technology

By using technology called TV over IP, Readon TV Movie Radio Player allows you to watch TV on your Windows PC. It also gives you access to a large variety of online radio stations.

07 Jul 2014

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition - Professional Partition Manager for Windows

There are lots of MiniTool Partition Wizard editions to choose from. The Professional one is a properly good partition manager that is supposed to be used in a business environment.

04 Jul 2014

Namo AV – India’s Own Antivirus Solution

Namo AV, a security tool that will protect against viruses and other threats, is presented as “India’s own antivirus.” Innovazion, a multinational consulting company, created the Namo AV antivirus product and dedicated it to Narendra Modi.

02 Jul 2014

MotoCast – A Must Have for Motorola Customers

If you have a Motorola device, then you need to know that MotoCast has very useful functionality to offer: easily access your media and files; stream your media from your computer; sync your media.

02 Jul 2014

iSyncr – iTunes to Android Sync

With JRT Studio’s application iSyncr you can transfer your iTunes music to your Android mobile devices. iSyncr is available for Windows and it is also available for Mac.

02 Jul 2014