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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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MediaGalleryPro – Play Up to 6 Videos at a Time

Most media players allow you to play one video at a time. But MediaGalleryPro has an ace up its sleeve: it allows you to play up to 6 videos at a time.

04 Aug 2014

Express Rip CD Ripper – CD Ripping Tool for Windows

Extract songs from audio CDs by using NCH Software’s CD ripping tool for Windows, the aptly named Express Rip CD Ripper. It provides support for MP3, OGG, WMA, and other formats for the output.

04 Aug 2014

Reboot Restore Rx - Protect your system against permanent changes

Reboot Restore Rx can freeze one or more partitions. As a result, they will be protected against any permanent changes or mistakes.

04 Aug 2014

Drive Cloner Rx - Advanced backup and restore utility

Drive Cloner Rx can be used to back up files and folders or entire disks. The software allows you to set up full, differential and incremental backups and it comes with many other useful features.

04 Aug 2014

LG PC Suite - Manage your LG phone on your computer

LG PC Suite can be used to transfer media files and other data between a computer and an LG mobile device. The software comes with many useful features for this purpose.

01 Aug 2014

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack - Office 2007 compatibility patch for older Office versions

If you install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack on your machine, you will be able to open files in Office 2007 formats, like DOCX, with Office 2003 or older versions.

01 Aug 2014

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 - Professional productivity suite from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 includes a wide range of programs, for editing documents, spreadsheets or slideshow presentations, sending emails, managing databases and much more.

01 Aug 2014

Microsoft Office – The Renowned Office Productivity Suite

Office, Microsoft’s renowned productivity suite, is a must have for anyone who works with presentations, reports, notes, and so on.

01 Aug 2014

EzBackTest – Free Financial Tool

Making the wrong investment decisions could cost you dearly. Avoid them by using EzBackTest. This free financial tool allows you to back test and verify any combination of stocks, ETF-s, CEF-s and mutual funds.

01 Aug 2014

Print2PDF Free - Create and sign PDF documents

Print2PDF Free can be used to create PDF documents from any Windows-based application that supports printing. Also, the software allows you to add digital signatures and time stamps.

01 Aug 2014

Calaym – Simple and Free Media Player

Play the audio files stored on your PC or listen to online radio stations. You can do both these things with the free and lightweight Calaym media player.

31 Jul 2014

ThinkFree Office - Office productivity suite

ThinkFree Office is similar to the MS Office suite. It includes three programs, for editing documents, spreadsheets and slideshow presentations. Also, the programs are fully compatible with MS Office formats.

31 Jul 2014

Computer Time Manager – Limit PC Time for Kids

Your kids should not spend all day on the PC. And if you use Computer Time Manager, they won’t. You see, this is free tool that helps you limit PC time for kids.

31 Jul 2014

AkrutoSync – Sync Tool for Microsoft Outlook

If you have Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone for example, you can use AkrutoSync to sync it with your Outlook. If you have a Windows Phone, you can use AkrutoSync to sync it with your Outlook.

31 Jul 2014

USB Block – Block USB Devices

Whenever the user plugs in a USB device, USB Block will show up and ask for a password. If the user fails to provide the correct password, access to the USB device will be blocked.

31 Jul 2014

Project Timer - Timer application for projects

You can use Project Timer to keep track of the time you spend on each task from a complex project. You can also manage your projects and generate reports.

29 Jul 2014