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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Droplr – Easily Send Small and Large Files to Others

Sending small or large files to others via Droplr is as easy as placing the file you want to send on the Droplr drop zone. The file will be uploaded to the web and the link to the file will be copied to the clipboard.

04 Jun 2014

Private Tunnel – Your Private Tunnel to the Internet

Securely surf the web, protect your privacy, access content even if it has been blocked for your region. All these features are offered by OpenVPN Technologies via the application Private Tunnel.

04 Jun 2014

Gyazo - Capture the screen and upload the results

With Gyazo, you can take snapshots of the screen or record it. The screenshots and recordings are uploaded automatically to a storage service, from which you can share them.

04 Jun 2014

CollabShot – Take, Upload, Collaborate on Screenshots

Press a hotkey and CollabShot will take a screenshot, upload it to the web, and copy the link to the clipboard. Share the link with anyone else who needs to access the screenshot.

04 Jun 2014

SME Cloud Explorer - Manage multiple cloud accounts

With SME Cloud Explorer, you can upload files to cloud folders from a PC, Mac or from various mobile devices. What's more, the application provides support for numerous cloud storage services.

04 Jun 2014

OS X Mavericks UX Pack - Make Windows look like Mac OS X

If you install OS X Mavericks UX Pack on your Windows-powered computer, you can make the operating system look like Mac OS X. It places an icons dock and a menu bar on your screen and it provides many other useful features from OS X.

04 Jun 2014

ScreenCloud – Take, Upload, Share Screenshots

Press a hotkey to take a screenshot, upload said screenshot to your ScreenCloud account, share the screenshot with others.

03 Jun 2014

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

If you have Realtek audio hardware on your system, you will also need Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.

02 Jun 2014

ROX Player - Lightweight media player for Windows

ROX Player has a simple design, but the application is capable of playing video and audio files in almost any format. What's more, the player doesn't need any additional codecs.

02 Jun 2014

Lightworks – Full-featured, Professional Editor

Hollywood-strength editing functionality is put at your fingertips by Lightworks, a full-featured and professional editor.

02 Jun 2014

RegScanner – Free Registry Scanner

RegScanner, as the name points out, is a Registry scanner. And more to the point, it is a free and portable tool to scan the Windows Registry.

02 Jun 2014

SmartSniff – Portable, Free TCP/IP Sniffer

SmartSniff, a free and portable application from NirSoft, is a TCP/IP sniffer, network monitoring utility that can be used to capture packets.

02 Jun 2014

MAGIX Video Pro - Advanced video editor

MAGIX Video Pro includes everything you need to edit your videos. You can make numerous settings to video and audio tracks separately. Videos can be exported, converted and uploaded on the Internet.

02 Jun 2014

Pixel Color Picker – Color Picking Tool

Pick the color from any pixel on your PC’s screen by using a user friendly color picking tool: Digital Action’s Pixel Color Picker.

02 Jun 2014

Easy Route – Plan Itineraries and Routes

Plan itineraries and routes with Stefano Grassi’s application Easy Route, an application that can query multiple map services: Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Maps.

02 Jun 2014

Smart Photo Import - Copy and sort your pictures

You can use Smart Photo Import to copy images from various sources and to sort them automatically in folders and sub-folders, according to various rules.

02 Jun 2014