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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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AVS Photo Editor - Easy to use image processor

AVS Photo Editor can be used to make various adjustments on photos. The software's controls are easy to locate and use, even for inexperienced users.

27 Feb 2014

DAEMON Tools USB – Share USB Devices, Remotely Access USB devices

Thanks to DAEMON Tools USB you can share your USB devices with others and you can remotely access USB devices shared by others.

25 Feb 2014

DAEMON Tools Ultra – Powerful Emulation Tool

Powerful functionality is put at your disposal by DAEMON Tools Ultra. You can use this professional tool to mount disc images, to create images, to convert images, to burn images, and more.

25 Feb 2014

Defender Pro PC Medic - Complete toolbox for system maintenance

Defender Pro PC Medic offers a wide array of tools, for cleaning up the hard drive and registry, scanning for malware, identifying security vulnerabilities and much more.

25 Feb 2014

OSHI Unhooker - Locate and remove rootkits

OSHI Unhooker can scan your system for redirect viruses, browser hijackers and other similar threats. Scanning and removing the aforementioned threats can be done in about a minute and it takes only a few clicks.

25 Feb 2014

Appandora - Manage any data on your iOS device

Appandora allows you to access an iOS device's media files, photos, phone numbers and much more. You can download and install new apps, manage songs in playlists, back up data and much more.

25 Feb 2014

Mobile Atlas Creator – formerly TrekBuddy Atlas Creator

Use the free and portable Mobile Atlas Creator to create offline atlases for GPS handheld devices or mobile apps.

25 Feb 2014

EzSnap - Take screenshots and share them

With EzSnap, you can take screenshots right away, by pressing a keyboard combination. Moreover, the screenshots can be uploaded automatically to a EzSnap online account or to other places, like Facebook, Flickr or other social networks.

25 Feb 2014

PlumPlayer - Lightweight audio player

PlumPlayer makes it quite easy to organize music in playlists. Additionally, you can stream your playlists on the Internet and schedule them to play between certain hours.

25 Feb 2014

SpeedyPassword – Password Manager and Password Generator

SpeedyPassword integrates with your browser (IE, Chrome, or Firefox) and helps you manage and securely store your passwords. Speaking about that, it can also generate passwords.

25 Feb 2014

OSHI Cleaner – Clean Your PC and Thus Boost Its Performance

By cleaning your PC you can boost its performance and reclaim lost performance. OSHI Cleaner was purpose developed to clean PCs.

25 Feb 2014

Free Countdown Timer - Lightweight countdown application

Free Countdown Timer can be used to schedule events. It allows you to define standard countdowns or set up alarms for specific dates. The application displays on-screen reminders and it can play sounds when a timer expires.

25 Feb 2014

IQmango Media Player - Lightweight media player

IQmango Media Player can play videos in all popular formats. The application doesn't come with any menus or complex options, but it provides a high quality video playback.

25 Feb 2014

Proxy Auto Checker – Free Tool to Check Proxy Servers

Need a free tool that you can use to batch check proxy servers? In that case, you need Proxy Auto Checker!

25 Feb 2014

Label Designer Plus DELUXE – Software for All Your Labeling Needs

A Design Wizard will help you create a design for any type of label you want. Label Designer Plus DELUXE is an easy to use application that will meet all your labeling needs.

25 Feb 2014

ACDSee – View, Manage, Edit Images

Wonderful functionality to view, manage and edit the images in your collection is put at your disposal by ACDSee.

24 Feb 2014