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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Razer Comms - Advanced VoIP application for online games

Razer Comms allows you to chat with your friends, while playing online games. It displays messages and it identifies players who are speaking without getting in your way. Additionally, the application allows you to manage your games and group your contacts, based on the games they play.

11 Nov 2013

McAfee TechCheck – Uncover Issues that Impact Your PC’s Performance

Uncover issues that impact your computer’s performance by letting McAfee TechCheck run a scan on it. This free tool will check the core system functionality related to usability and performance.

11 Nov 2013

AudioCool Audio Converter - Fast and efficient audio converter

AudioCool Audio Converter can be used to convert audio files to and from various formats. Additionally, you can use this application to extract soundtracks from video files.

11 Nov 2013

Diagram Designer - Free diagram editor

Diagram Designer can be used to create diagrams and flow charts. The software places various shapes, objects and connectors at your disposal and it makes it quite easy to create and customize a diagram.

11 Nov 2013

Game Jackal Pro – Disc-free Gaming Experience

Don’t risk damaging your game CD or DVD. With Game Jackal Pro you can protect it and enjoy a disc-free gaming experience.

11 Nov 2013

Debenu PDF Tools – Free Tool to Work with PDF Files

Work with PDF files for free by getting Debenu PDF Tools. Said tools can be accessed via the application’s interface or via the right click context menu.

11 Nov 2013

Duplicate File Remover - Advanced duplicate finder

Duplicate File Remover can identify duplicate files, by comparing their names, contents and other characteristics. It can look for duplicates in folders or partitions of your choice and it allows you to decide what to do with the found duplicates.

11 Nov 2013

Obsidium – Software Protection System

Obsidium will help developers protect their software applications from cracking, piracy, and reverse engineering. It will also help them set up a licensing or registration system.

11 Nov 2013

Steganos Online Shield - Protect your identity and Internet traffic

You can use Steganos Online Shield to encrypt your Internet traffic. Additionally, the application can hide your IP address, by rerouting the connection through a secure server.

11 Nov 2013

PyroBatchFTP – Automated Internet FTP Batch File Transfer

PyroBatchFTP runs the scripts you set up and thus automatically transfers files to and from FTP or SFTP servers.

11 Nov 2013

Reflet – Add Wave Effects to Images

Reflet, a free application that needs no installation, will add a wave or ripple effect to images. Ideally, you will want to use it with images that display water.

11 Nov 2013

Disk Watchman – Monitor All Your Disks

Monitor your hard disks, your removable storage devices, and your network drive resources, all from a central location: Disk Watchman’s interface.

11 Nov 2013

StartUp Organizer – Manage Programs that Run at Startup

View and manage all the programs that run at startup by getting the appropriately named StartUp Organizer.

11 Nov 2013

Rockbox – Free Music Player Firmware

Change your music player’s firmware by using Rockbox, a free tool that provides support for a wide range of players.

11 Nov 2013

TwinkiePaste – Easily Paste Text Snippets

Easily paste text snippets into emails, IMs, and more by using TwinkiePaste, a quite useful and very easy to use clipboard manager.

11 Nov 2013

QuikIO - Synchronize files between computers and iOS mobile platforms

QuikIO can be used to stream and synchronize files between PCs or Macs and iPhones or iPads. All you have to do is copy your files to certain folders on the hard drive and the application will do the rest.

08 Nov 2013