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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Curse Client - Manage game add-ons and mods

Curse Client can be used to find, install and manage add-ons and mods for various games. The application can also back up save files and synchronize add-on settings between different computers.

17 Jan 2014

JamDeck – Organic Music Sketching Software

Whenever inspiration hits and you have a great idea for a song, use JamDeck to capture said idea and create beautiful music.

17 Jan 2014

Contenta Converter - Batch image converter

With Contenta Converter, you can convert multiple images in a single run. Additionally, the software allows you to rename and resize your pictures, process RAW images and perform other operations.

17 Jan 2014

Super Unicode Editor - Advanced text and hex editor

Super Unicode Editor can be used to edit plain text or hex values. It provides support for various unicode formats and code pages and it allows you to convert bytes to and from these formats.

17 Jan 2014

Morpheus Photo Warper - Create warping animations

Morpheus Photo Warper can be used to distort images and to create warping animations, from the original image to the distorted one. The software provides flexible controls and it is easy to use.

17 Jan 2014

FontNet Explorer - Find any fonts on the Internet

FontNet Explorer works like a web browser, which you can use to find any fonts, on numerous web sites. Its search function will help you locate specific fonts, on all supported web sites.

16 Jan 2014

Labeljoy – Create All Sorts of Labels

Create all sorts of labels, print out barcodes, and generate QR codes – you can do all of these with the properly good application Labeljoy.

16 Jan 2014

PCFerret – Free Integrated Utilities Program

PCFerret displays detailed info about your system, allows you to schedule tasks that will be performed when you reboot your machine, analyzes files, generates secure passwords, and allows you to play with ADS files.

16 Jan 2014

Flip Builder - Create Flash-based eBooks

Flip Builder can be used to convert PDFs into Flash-based eBooks, with flippable pages. Besides flipping an eBook's pages, it is also possible to share it over various social medias.

16 Jan 2014

Garena Plus - Instant messenger for gamers

Garena Plus works like other popular instant messengers, but it comes with its own unique functions as well. The application allows gamers to communicate and join LAN sessions more easily.

16 Jan 2014

Windows God Mode - All Windows settings in a single place

Windows God Mode gathers every Windows administrative tool in a single place. You can find anything from language settings to advanced configurations on the same window.

16 Jan 2014

Site Visualizer – Website Crawler Tool

Let Site Visualizer crawl the website of your choosing and gather information about its pages, links, and structure.

16 Jan 2014

ReaSoft Data Backup – Back up and Recover Your Important Data

Easily back up your important data by using ReaSoft Data Backup. Should anything go wrong, easily recover your data using ReaSoft Data Backup.

16 Jan 2014

ReaSoft PDF Printer Standard Edition – Tool to Create PDF Documents

Use ReaSoft PDF Printer on your Windows-powered machine to easily create secure PDF documents from any file that can be printed out.

16 Jan 2014

ReaViewer – Image Viewer, Slideshow Creator

Two bits of functionality are offered by the free application ReaViewer: view any image you want (more than 65 formats are supported), use images to create slideshows.

16 Jan 2014

Hear – Sound Enhancement Software

Available for Windows and Mac, Hear is a sound enhancement software application that allows you to adjust and customize the sound blasting from your speakers.

15 Jan 2014