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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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InstallMate - create complex installers for your software

Using InstallMate you can create installers for all your applications and customize them exactly how you want it.

09 Aug 2013

OpenDrive – Cloud-based Drive for Storing, Backing Up Your Data

Store any files you want in the cloud so you can easily access them and so they are protected in case a data loss incident occurs.

08 Aug 2013

Comodo System Cleaner – Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, Disk Cleaner and More

Comodo System Cleaner is not just a Registry, privacy and disk cleaner. It is also a tool to force delete and to securely delete files.

08 Aug 2013

Lexa Organizer - Organize all your tasks

Using Lexa Organizer you can organize and manage all your tasks and events and set up reminders for each of them.

08 Aug 2013

Microsoft Security Essentials - Strong antivirus protection

Microsoft Security Essentials offers protection against the newest and most complex virus threats.

08 Aug 2013

Easy Time Tracking - Manage the time spent on projects

Easy Time Tracking allows you to manage and organize the time required for each project and task and also helps you keep track of costs.

08 Aug 2013

MuvUnder Cover - Retrieve and save album art works

If you load your audio files on MuvUnder Cover's interface, the application will search for their album artworks on the Internet. It returns several results for each album and you can apply them on your audio files with a single click.

08 Aug 2013

MuvAudio - Fast and powerful audio converter

MuvAudio is capable of converting multiple files at the same time. It supports a broad range of audio formats and it works very fast. It also allows you to make various configurations, like setting a default name for the output files, making adjustments for each output format and more.

08 Aug 2013

DVD Ghost - Remove any restrictions on your DVDs

While running DVD Ghost on your computer, you can watch DVD movies without any annoying restrictions. One of the application's main advantages is the fact that it removes region related restrictions as well. Additionally, you may copy a DVD's contents to your hard drive.

08 Aug 2013

NaturCalendar - Calendar tool with scheduling features

NaturCalendar allows you to schedule events directly on a calendar. You can color code your events, assign icons, set up reminders and much more. The application comes with many predefined world holidays and it supports US and European date formats.

08 Aug 2013

GetPDF - Generate PDFs from any application

Using GetPDF you can generate PDF documents from any application that supports printing.

08 Aug 2013

ChronoScan Capture – Scanning and OCR Software

If you regularly work with scanned documents and you want to get things done faster, you need ChronoScan Capture, a complete suite for document scanning and data entry.

08 Aug 2013

Morpheus Photo Morpher - Creates morphing effects for your photos

Using Morpheus Photo Morpher you can generate morphing effects using your personal photos in no time.

08 Aug 2013

EF AutoSync - Flexible file synchronization application

EF AutoSync can synchronize your files and keep them updated, according to a set of flexible rules. You can define one or more synchronization jobs and run them manually or schedule them.

08 Aug 2013

CryptArchiver Lite – Securely Store Your Data

CryptArchiver creates a virtual, encrypted drive that can be used just like any other drive. The key difference is that this drive securely stores your data.

07 Aug 2013

PowerMapper - Easy to use site mapping software

PowerMapper allows you to browse your favorite websites and map them, just by clicking a button. You can use numerous styles on your maps and export them in various formats.

07 Aug 2013