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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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Regbak - Back up and restore the Windows Registry

You can use Regbak to back up the Windows Registry in just a few seconds. The application allows you to create several backups and it can automatically delete old ones.

08 Oct 2013

Gobbler - Back up and share project files

Gobbler can be used to back up project files to the cloud and share them with other users. You can use it with any other file type as well. The best part is that it makes it quite easy to upload data or send it to a coworker.

07 Oct 2013

Comodo Programs Manager – Efficiently and Completely Remove Applications

Efficiently and completely remove applications from your PC by using the free Windows application Comodo Programs Manager.

07 Oct 2013

Acronis Drive Monitor – Monitor Hard Drives, Detect Problems

Acronis Drive Monitor keeps an eye on your hard drives and, should it detect a problem, will notify you about it. If a problem is detected, Acronis Drive Monitor can also trigger a backup task.

07 Oct 2013

XnRetro – Give Images a Vintage Look

With the color effects, light effects, and borders that XnRetro has to offer, you can take a regular image and give it a vintage look.

07 Oct 2013

SyncToy – Free Tool to Sync Folders

Create a pair of folders and Microsoft’s free application SyncToy will keep those folders in sync.

07 Oct 2013

PASSWORDfighter - Powerful and efficient password manager

PASSWORDfighter can be used to store login information, memos and bookmarks in a secure database. With its auto-fill features, you can log into an account or fill in large sign-up sheets instantly, without typing anything.

07 Oct 2013

ToolWiz Pretty Photo – Edit Photos, Create Collages

ToolWiz Pretty Photo puts a very useful photo editor and a very user friendly collage maker at your disposal. Get the tool and you can edit photos and create beautiful collages.

07 Oct 2013

Toolwiz BSafe - Free encryption application

Toolwiz BSafe allows you to create highly encrypted virtual drives, on which you can store your sensitive information. Without the correct passwords, these virtual drives are impossible to mount.

07 Oct 2013

ZSoft Uninstaller – Advanced uninstall utility

Besides uninstalling a program, ZSoft Uninstaller can also locate any leftover data from that program. The software can also locate and erase temp files and empty folders and it allows you to manage startup programs.

07 Oct 2013

PDF Shaper - Convert PDF documents to RTF format

PDF Shaper can be used to convert PDF documents to rich text files. It allows you to convert them one by one or in batch mode. You can also choose how to handle certain contents.

07 Oct 2013

Acala Video Studio – Convert, Edit, Burn, Rip

There’s a lot you can do with Acala Video Studio: convert videos, edit videos, burn videos onto a disc, rip audio tracks.

07 Oct 2013

USB Disabler Pro - Block USB flash drives on your computer or network

You can use USB Disabler Pro to block access to USB flash drives. The application can block individual USB drives, based on their unique IDs, and it will not affect other devices, like printers or scanners.

07 Oct 2013

Innovative System Optimizer - Easy to use system optimizer

You can use Innovative System Optimizer to clean up the Windows Registry, scan the hard drive for errors, remove history files, optimize the RAM and more. The software also allows you to perform a one-click optimization process.

07 Oct 2013

Advanced Uninstaller PRO - Powerful uninstaller and maintenance tool

If you uninstall a program with Advanced Uninstaller PRO, you can make sure that every little bit of information it stored on your computer is removed. In addition, the software includes a wide variety of maintenance tools.

07 Oct 2013

Ratool – Removable Access Tool

The free application Ratool can disable USB disk detection, can block the computer from writing files to USB disks, can show hidden files on a portable drive, and more.

04 Oct 2013