CCleaner By The Numbers: 2 Billion Downloads and 7 More Amazing Stats

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 04 Nov 2016

CCleaner, Piriform’s immensely useful tool for removing junk and other useless data, has reached a very important milestone: it’s been downloaded more than 2 billion times. Here’s what Lindsey Whelan, Piriform co-founder and CEO, had to say about this impressive achievement.

"I’ve seen Piriform grow from a bedroom-based hobby to a full grown business with hundreds of millions of users worldwide,” said Whelan. "Our objective always has been, and always will be, to create world class software tools that fix real world problems. I believe it’s this unwavering commitment to quality that has resulted in our huge CCleaner fan and user base. I am proud to count myself amongst those users, as barely a day goes by without me using one of Piriform’s tools.”

2 billion downloads certainly is an impressive figure. If you want some more impressive CCleaner stats & figures, here they are.

1. CCleaner removes 35,000,000GB of junk every month

Although it can do a ton of other things, CCleaner’s main purpose is to get rid of all the junk files that needlessly take up space on your drives. This was even more obvious back in the day when CCleaner was called Crap Cleaner. But let’s not get distracted.

So as I was saying, CCleaner’s main purpose is to get rid of all the crap that clutters your computer. CCleaner removes more than 35,000,000GB worth of crap every month. That more than enough space to store some 7 billion selfies.

2. CCleaner is downloaded 20 million times per month

The 2 billion downloads I mentioned at the start of the article reflects all the CCleaner downloads, from when the tool was released to the public until today. If you were to focus on monthly downloads alone, you’d find the CCleaner is downloaded more than 20 million times per month.

3. CCleaner is installed on 5 million desktops every week

CCleaner is available for desktops (Windows, Mac), it’s available for mobiles (Android), and it’s even available online (CCleaner Cloud, which you can use in any browser).

Focusing just on CCleaner for desktop, it’s worth pointing out that the tool is installed on more than 5 million desktops every week.

4. CCleaner is available in 55 languages

In a Hollywood movie, everyone speaks (or at least understands) English. In the real world, some people don’t speak English. And even if they do, who says they want to use it on their PC?

That’s something you don’t have to worry about with CCleaner, because it provides support for a long, long list of languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Finnish, Hungarian, Romania, Turkism, Vietnamese, and many more.

To change the language CCleaner uses, go to Options -> Settings -> Language.

5. CCleaner is 12 years old

Piriform’s CCleaner is one of the oldest system cleaners, having been launched 12 years ago, back in 2004. It took until November 2007 for CCleaner to rack up 100 million downloads, until August 2010 to get 500 million downloads, until December 2012 to get 1 billion downloads, until January 205 to get 1.5 billion downloads, and until November 2016 to get 2 billion downloads.

"Having joined Piriform in 2012 when it consisted of just four staff, it has been incredible to watch the company’s offerings to both consumers and businesses grow," said Louise Kinane, VP of Operations at Piriform. "This exciting milestone of 2 billion CCleaner downloads proves just how useful CCleaner is and how much our users value working and playing on devices which are clean, run faster and last longer."

6. CCleaner is available for 3 major platforms (and the web)

I already said this, but it’s worth repeating. CCleaner is available for PCs, Macs, and Android. It’s also available in the Cloud, meaning you can clean, optimize and monitor your computer(s) wherever you are, from your browser.

CCleaner for Windows is the oldest version, released back in 2004. CCleaner for Mac was released 8 years later, in 2012. CCleaner for Android was released a couple of year later, in 2014. And last but not least, CCleaner Cloud was released about a year ago, in 2015 (but it had been around since 2013 as a Beta called Agomo).

7. CCleaner for Android has been downloaded more than 10 million times

CCleaner for Android has been downloaded from Google Play more than 10 million times. The app has more than 650K reviews and a 4.4 stars rating.

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