3 Things You Didn't Know About How Huge Samsung Really Is

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 06 Nov 2015

When someone says Samsung, I think about smartphones with curved displays, gargantuan tablets, and innovative computer monitors. You probably do to.

That’s because you’re familiar with Samsung Electronics, the multinational company that makes phones, tablets, smartwatches, monitors, TVs, cameras, and other electronic devices.

Samsung Electronics, the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group, is the best known company out of the entire conglomerate. It’s not the only one though. Samsung is huge! It has lots of subsidiaries and affiliate businesses.

You’ll be amazed to find out that Samsung makes…

1. Ships

Pictured above is the LNG-SRV, the world’s first green ship. Winner of the Green Ship Award as the world’s most eco-friendly ship, it was built in 2009 by Samsung Heavy Industries.

The Samsung Heavy Industries subsidiary focuses on shipbuilding, offshore, machinery & electric systems. It has the world’s highest ship production efficiency, launching over 30 ships pear year. Since it launched the shipbuilding business, Samsung Heavy Industries successful delivered more than 900 ships.

2. Refineries

Pictured above is the Sonatrach Skikda Refinery. In 2009, Sonatrach spent $2.6 billion on expanding and improving the refinery. Who go the job done? Samsung Engineering did, 66 million accident-free man-hours later.

Samsung Engineering’s business portfolio includes grass-roots refineries, aromatics plants, clean fuel plants, petrochemical plants, power plants, industrial facilities, water treatment facilities, air pollution treatment plants, and many more.

3. Skyscrapers

Pictured above are the Petronas Towers, the twin skyscrapers from Malaysia. They were designed by North American architect César Pelli and built by two main contractors. The Hazama Ando Corporation was contracted to build Tower 1. The Samsung Engineering & Construction Group was contracted to build Tower 2.

The tallest man-made structure in the world is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai. Care to guess who was the primary contractor on that one? That’s right, it was Samsung.

The Samsung Engineering & Construction Group is part of the Samsung C&T Corporation, alongside the Trading & Investment, Fashion and Resort Groups. Yes, Samsung also makes clothing and resorts, including theme parks and golf clubs.

At one time, it even made ....

Pictured above is the K9 Thunder, a world-class self-propelled Howitzer developed by Samsung Techwin, which was acquired by the Hanwha Group in December 2014. Samsung Techwin focused on manufacturing surveillance, aeronautics, optoelectronics, automations and weapons technology.

Honorable mentions

Here’s a quick look at a few other items that the Samsung Group has to offer:
  • Refrigerators, washing machines and other household items.
  • Medical and health care services
  • Insurance, including life insurance, accident insurance, fire insurance, and more.
  • Credit cards, loans, personal pensions.
  • Advertising and marketing services.

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