Apple Gives the iPhone App of the Year Award to...
Article by George Norman
On 11 Dec 2015
Last year, Apple gave Elevate the much coveted title of iPhone App of the Year. I remind you that Elevate is a brain trainer app that can improve your memory, focus, and other cognitive skills. It features some cool mini-games, nice and colorful visuals, personalized workouts, detailed performance tracking, and more. Go get it for free from Apple’s App Store (or Google Play).

This year, the iPhone App of the Year award went to… Just take a look below to see a list that features the best iPhone app of 215, the runner-ups to the app of the year title, as well as the most innovative app of the year and the best app for the iPhone 6S.


Periscope by Twitter is Apple’s 2015 iPhone App of the Year

This spring, Twitter introduced Periscope, describing it as an app that you can use to “explore the world in real time through some else’s eyes.” That’s a fancy way of saying that Periscope is a live video streaming app that you can use to broadcast your own videos and watch live videos broadcast by others.

Periscope – Main Features
  • Broadcast & replay – let your followers see what you see by broadcasting live videos. When the broadcast is over, you can make it available for replay (replays last for 24 hours at this time).
  • Watch & influence – when a broadcaster goes live, you’ll be notified to join and watch the video. While you’re watching, you can influence the broadcaster by sending messages or by tapping the screen to send hearts.
  • Privacy – you don’t have to broadcast to everyone. Tap on the lock icon before going live and invite certain people to watch your live video.
  • Share – tap the bird icon before going live and share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter. A link will be tweeted when you go live; your followers can use it to watch your live video.
  • Hearts – as mentioned above, you can tap the screen to send hearts to a broadcaster. Twitter keeps track of them and puts the broadcasters with the most hearts on a “Most Loved” list.
Periscope is available for iOS for free. Go get it from Apple’s App Store.

Periscope is available for Android as well; it comes with some handy Android-exclusive features. Go get it from Google Play.

Speaking about Google, the company recently unveiled the Best Apps of 2015. I bring that up only to mention that Periscope is not on the list.

Enlight and Robinhood – Runner-ups for Apple’s 2015 iPhone App of the Year

Enlight and Robinhood weren’t lucky enough to win the 2015 App of the Year. Still, they were popular enough for Apple to recognize them as runner-ups for the App of the Year award.

Enlight ($3.99 on the App Store) is a photo editing app that provides access to lots of powerful tools. You can use it to give photos a vintage look, to adjust the colors, to add artistic touches, to turn photos into sketches, and more. Lightricks, the developer behind Enlight, has another interesting app to offer: Facetune, an app that you can use to retouch selfies and portraits. Just like Enlight, is $3.99 on the App Store,

Robinhood (free on the App Store and on Google Play) is a stock trading app that you can use to buy and sell stocks, view market data in real-time, and build a personalized stock watchlist. 2015 seems to be a great year for this app. Apple recognized it as a runner-up and Google recognized it as one of the best apps of 2015.

Workflow is Apple’s 2015 Most Innovative iPhone App

It is a well-known fact that automation helps you be more efficient. Instead of doing certain tasks yourself, you can use an automation solution to perform those tasks for you. DeskConnect’s Workflow provides this sort of functionality. It is a personal automation tool that can perform more than 200 actions.

To celebrate the fact that Workflow won the 2015 Most Innovative App award, DeskConnect is offering a 40% discount. Go get Workflow from Apple’s App Store for $2.99.

Instagram is Apple’s 2015 Best App for iPhone 6S

Since the official Instagram app is used by more than 400 million people around the world, I’m going to assume that you’re already familiar with it. Did you know that Instagram has a few other apps to offer? Like Hyperlapse for example, an app that can be used to create moving, handheld time lapses with a cinematic look, quality, and feel. Back in 2014, Hyperlapse was the runner up for the title of App of the Year.

Getting back to the main Instagram app, you can get it for free from Apple’s App Store and from Google Play.

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Apple Gives the iPhone App of the Year Award to...
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