Top 10 Stars Who Ranked Highest on IMDB's STARmeter this Year

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 06 Dec 2016

IMDB just unveiled the Top 10 Stars of 2016 list and, if you’re a Tom Hardy fan, I have some bad news for you. He may have been top of the list last year, but this year he’s been pushed back to the 4th spot on the list.

Before I go and present IMDb’s Top 10 Stars of 2016, I want to remind you that the list is based on actual page views of IMDb’s more than 250 million unique monthly visitors. The 10 stars presented below consistently ranked highest on the IMDb weekly STARmeter chart throughout 2016. That being said, here are...

IMDB’s Top 10 Stars of 2016

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Ranked #37 in 2015.

9. Haley Bennett

Wasn’t in the Top 100 in 2015.

8. Daisy Ridley

Ranked #44 in 2015.

7. Alicia Vikander

Ranked #16 a year ago.

6. Gal Gadot

Ranked #74 last year.

5. Morena Baccarin

Ranked #65 in 2015.

4. Tom Hardy

Ranked #1 a year ago

3. Millie Bobby Brown

Ranked #1 on IMBD’s Top 10 Breakout Stars of 2016.

2. Emilia Clarke

Same as last year.

1. Margot Robbie

Ranked #3 in 2015 and 2014.

"Many of the women who charted on IMDb’s Top 10 Stars of 2016 list portrayed strong female protagonists in some of the biggest live-action titles of the year," said Keith Simanton, IMDb’s Senior Film Editor. "From Suicide Squad and Deadpool to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, remarkable female characters were at the center of the action in 2016 – whether sprung from the pages of comic books or a galaxy far, far away."

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