iPhone App that Makes your Keyboard Talk
Article by George Norman
On 26 Mar 2009
If you already have an iPhone at your disposal, it is extremely easy to send out email messages and stay in contact with the people than mean the most to you. With access to the internet literally in your pocket, you will sometimes find yourself behind the wheel of your car, driving along, and feeling the urge to send out an email as soon as possible. You could pull over and type the message in peace, or you could use the Talking Email Keyboard instead.

According to G.P. Imports, that is the main functionality of the Talking Email Keyboard iPhone app – to let you seamlessly type email messages while driving your car by speaking out the letter you just pressed. That may be true, but to my mind the app’s functionality is not limited to just letting you “type while on the road” as the iTunes description claims. It also provides great functionality for those who are visually impaired or blind.


“If your local law permits you to use your phone while your drive, you can use this application to TYPE your emails without removing your eyesight from the road (make sure you feel safe doing it),” says G.P. Imports. “Tired of not being able to see clear which key you are pressing when typing an email on your iPhone? Whether it's because the keys are too small to see or your fingers end up pressing the wrong letter or number because the screen is too small; that all is now over! This simple yet helpful application works by playing the key you pressed every time you do, so you know which one you pressed without having to guess or reach for your glasses!”

Just think about it for a moment: each time you press a key, the app announces it to you in a clear and understandable voice, meaning that you do not need to look down at the keyboard - which is not really an option for the blind. Even if you fancy yourself as a keyboard shortcut enthusiast and keyboard connoisseur that can type a message in his sleep, you can’t really tell if you made a typing error or not until you actually look at the message.

If you would like to get Talking Email Keyboard, an iTunes download location is available here.

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iPhone App that Makes your Keyboard Talk
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