TeamPlayer Software for Multiple Keyboards Installation, Even the Pink One for Blondes
Article by George Norman
On 28 Nov 2008
How many of you out there hate it when you have to switch computers and instead of using your trusty keyboard and mouse that you have come to know like the back of your hand, you have to leave them behind and use whatever keyboard/mouse that other system has? What if you could take it even further, and use several keyboards and mice on the same computer?

Thanks to a nifty piece of software from WunderWorks called TeamPlayer 2.0, you can take your trusty keyboard and mouse and join your friends or colleagues and work on the same computer. One screen, one system, multiple keyboards, mice and cursors – it is as simple as that.


“Work through your spreadsheets together, involve your students or just have fun with your kids. TeamPlayer turns any Personal Computer into a Group Computer. It's generic, so just click on an application and take control. Share your ideas knowledge or expertise with the others in the group,” says WunderWorks.

Getting multiple mice and keyboards to run on the same machine is a simple three step process.

Step 1 – Get out all the mice that you want to use on the same machine and plug them in. If you do not have enough USB ports, get a USB hub.

Step 2 – Install TeamPlayer v. 2.0. It must be noted that if you plan to use it commercially, the software will cost you a pretty penny, but if you plan to use it for educational or non-commercially, it is free. Also note that the free version of this software works only with three different mice/keyboards. With the paid version you can use up to 30 such devices simultaneously.

Step 3 – Start using the software. Amongst all the cursors you will see on the monitor, only one has control of the window. You can identify it by the small colored square. Control can be switched from one mouse to another by simply left clicking.

On a lighter side, you might consider getting the pink Keyboard for Blondes displayed in the picture above. The cool thing about it is not its color, but the fact that it is “blonde oriented”. Users with a sense of humor will appreciate that most of the buttons have been renamed – Enter for example becomes “Yes! I want it!”, and Shift becomes “Very Smart Blonde Button”.

If you would like to get TeamPlayer, a download location is available here.
If you would like to learn more about the pink Keyboard for Blondes, additional info is available here.

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TeamPlayer Software for Multiple Keyboards Installation, Even the Pink One for Blondes
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