SoundOff 1.0, Put a Muzzle on that OS
Article by George Norman
On 25 Nov 2008
The purpose of the SoundOff application developed by SDSoftware is to provide you with a more enjoyable user experience by getting those annoying Windows sounds to be quiet while you enjoy a good movie or listen to a music album. I mentioned Microsoft’s OS and not Ubuntu or Mac OS X simply because the software program only works with Windows-based operating systems.

“The program lets you quickly and easily turn off Windows sounds with the right-click of a mouse button. This is especially handy when you want to listen to music without hearing all the clinks and clunks of Windows actions. To currently do this, you have to go to the control panel, select the Sounds and Multimedia applet, select the Sounds tab, then change to No Sounds,” says SDSoftware.


Besides being a very effective muzzle for your Windows OS, what other features does this piece of software have working in its favor? SoundOff 1.0 is exactly 1Mb large, meaning it will download in a heartbeat. Since it is also freeware, you can download, install it, and put it to the test – if you find it incompatible with your requirements or you simply do not like it, just take it down. But before you do that you must realize that SoundOff 1.0 also protects your sound scheme from annoying programs that try to mess with it; the only one that gets to rename, modify, or delete sound schemes is you, the user.

It must be noted that SoundOff is just one of a total of 12 applications that SDSoftware has made available to the general public. The other 11 software programs are: ActionBible, Font Frenzy, LeCase, Screen Savers, ExplorerView, Tiler, MenuMaid, PowerLink, BlackTop, BlankIE, and Jotx.

If you would like to install SoundOff on your machine and enjoy the cool features it provides, a download location is available here.

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SoundOff 1.0, Put a Muzzle on that OS
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