Mozilla Updates Firefox 2.0, Releases Firefox 3.0.4 Again
Article by George Norman
On 03 Dec 2008
According to the Mozilla Foundation, users of the popular Firefox browser can expect to get updated to version 3.0.4 as early as tomorrow, the 4th of December. Wait, haven’t we already seen this back in November? Yes, we have, but this time it is a gimmick that Mozilla is employing so as to get Firefox 2.0 users to switch.

The whole thing goes something like this. On the 4th of December Mozilla will o update the almost defunct Firefox 2 browser to version, and will use the occasion to inform these users that Mozilla will shortly pull support for this software version. They are cordially invited to upgrade to Firefox 3.0.4, and in order to make things even more enticing, the users are told that if they do not like the update, they can always switch back. If the similar offer that Mozilla made to Firefox 2.X users back in August is to be taken as an indication, at least half of all the users will take the decision to upgrade.


There are two things that deserve mentioning. The first is that Firefox will not be the last update that the browser will get; Firefox plans to release another, version, some time this December (most likely by the middle of the month). The second is that from that moment on, Mozilla will no longer offer support for 2.X versions of the software and will focus all their attention on Firefox 3.0 and the upcoming Firefox 3.1 which recently reached Beta 3 status. Firefox 2.x users can at least take solace in the fact that with Mozilla has plugged some 26 security vulnerabilities that affected the browser.

The word on the web is that the next Firefox update, version 3.0.5, will be as exciting and as ground shaking as the release of version 3.0 back in June. Some are even saying that if you have not yet updated your Firefox browser, you are better off waiting until Firefox 3.0.5 comes out (a Beta version is expected to drop on the 9th of December, and the final version on the 16th).

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Mozilla Updates Firefox 2.0, Releases Firefox 3.0.4 Again
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