Firefox 3.0.4 Update: The Fox Puts on Armor
Article by George Norman
On 13 Nov 2008
The recent update to come out from the Mozilla project is meant to make the Firefox 3.0 browser work more efficiently, provide better stability, and plug a few security holes as well. Since the first two improvements are self explanatory, let’s take a look at the vulnerabilities that v 3.0.4 has addressed. There were in total 9 security flaws, four of which deemed critical because they had the potential to allow remote code execution, meaning that an attacker could install malicious software on a targeted machine without the user being aware of it.

One of the improvements found in Firefox 3.0.4 that caught my eye is the Thai and Icelandic language support. Mozilla is trying to reach more and more people and one way to attain this goal is to provide support for a wide range of languages. Other languages that Firefox is currently playing with are Estonian, Bulgarian, Esperanto, Occitan, Latvian and Welsh (language support for all these languages has been released, but note things are still in the Beta phase).


A full, detailed list of what you can expect to find in v 3.0.4 of the Firefox browser is available here.

In related news, Mozilla has announced that it will delay the release of the most anticipated Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 because there are still some kinks in the software that need ironing out. Once those issues will be dealt with, the second Beta installment of the Firefox 3.1 browser will be made available to the general public.

If you are a Firefox 3.0 user, then the browser should automatically download the update and prompt you about installing it. If you prefer to take charge and do things yourself, then you must click the “Help” tab and click again on “Check for updates”. If you would like to install and run Firefox 3.0 on your machine, the software is available for download here.

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Firefox 3.0.4 Update: The Fox Puts on Armor
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