Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone App FAQ

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 13 Apr 2009

The development team over at Yahoo! has recently released an iPhone version of the company’s instant messaging (IM) client, Yahoo! Messenger. The Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app came with pretty much the same functionality provided by it’s desktop counterpart (details here), but it seems that some additional details needed to be made clear to the users out there. Consequently the Yahoo! Messenger team provided answers to some of the most frequent questions regarding its free iPhone app.

Here are the main questions users have been asking about the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app. They might provide much needed info, so giving them a glance is definitely worth it.

Q: Is Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone available outside the US of A?
A: Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone is available in English in all iTunes stores, all over the globe. The app features language support for English alone, no local language support.

Q: Can I contact Windows Live Messenger friends via Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone?
A: No, you cannot. Your friends that use Windows Live Messenger will not appear in your Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone contacts list. You cannot IM them, but you can always send them an SMS.

Q: Does Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone has SMS support?
A: Yes, Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone lets you send out free SMS messages, just like the desktop version of the IM client does. A list of supported countries and carriers is available here. A YouTube presentation on how to use the SMS feature is available here.

Q: Where is the contact search/filtering feature?
A: Just tap “new message” and type in the name of the friend you wish to IM in the “To” field; filtered results will be made available; just select the contact you wish to IM and start socializing. This feature is great for users that have long contact lists and do not want to waste time flicking up and down the list.

Q: What’s the deal with Yahoo! Mobile for iPhone?
A: Yahoo! Mobile for iPhone is a new app released by Yahoo! that encompasses search, news, address book, Flickr, social network updates, and Yahoo! Messenger. It is an app that includes Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone, alongside other apps – details here.

“Yeah, we know this is a little confusing. Yahoo! released a new Yahoo! Mobile for iPhone app last week that includes search, news, address book, Flickr, social network updates, Yahoo! Messenger and more. However, Messenger is just one component of that app. The Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app offers more features that are specific to instant messaging. Depending on your needs, you can decide which iPhone app works best for you,” explains Product Manager Sarah Bacon.

If you would like to get Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone, an iTunes download location is available here.

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