Useful Web Services for the Moviegoer: RunPee iPhone App Released

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 02 Jul 2009

From the “useful web services for the moviegoer” section in our filling cabinet we have an interesting update to report about RunPee, the site that informs you when it is safe to leave the movie theatre and rush off to the bathroom. So here it goes: the team behind the site has released a dedicated iPhone app, just as you have asked.

“You asked for it and now you can have it. The iPhone app is available for download from iTunes. Now you can check your PeeTimes from the theater. There’s even a built in timer to let you know how long it is until the next PeeTime. And in our first update we’ll add a little vibration a few minutes before each PeeTime just in case you forget,” explained the RunPee team.

The RunPee web page, even though it is not much to look at, provides much needed functionality. You click the name of a movie, and you are provided with a timeline of moments when you can, drum rolls please, go pee. If you want to know what you will be missing while you are not in the movie theatre, RunPee provides such info as well. The thing is that it is scrambled – for diehard fans that do not want to spoil their movie going experience, I suggest you don’t press “click to unscramble”; but if you want to know what you will be missing, then go ahead and click the button.

The RunPee iPhone App functions in pretty much the same manner, with the added bonus of convenience – you can always take your iPhone out of your pocket and check when it is safe to rush out of the theatre and how long you can afford to spend in the bathroom.

Dan Florio, the man responsible for creating the RunPee web page, comments on the iPhone app release: “We’re on a mission to save bladders from blowing up in cineplexes across the nation and this new iPhone app is our trusty tool! Every movie has a few scenes that are not crucial to the plot, that you can safely miss and still follow the storyline when you sit back down. This iPhone app lets users know when the coast is clear so they never have to miss a good part again. Our iPhone app gives moviegoers “immunity” from the effects of mega-sized sodas and flushes away those grueling post-movie restroom lines where you have to wait your turn in pain and avoid awkward eye contact with the 30 other people in the restroom with you. Those lines really piss me off.”

If you would like to get the RunPee iPhone app, an iTunes download location is available here.

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