Useful Web Services for the Moviegoer: Movie Stinger

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 04 Jun 2009

Today I am going out with some of friends to see Terminator Salvation, and since I am such a big fan of the series, I do not want to miss any scene – but I do realize that a trip to the bathroom will be inevitable. That’s why I turned to RunPee, the useful web service for the moviegoer we’ve covered in the past (details here) and found out that there are several occasions when I could make a rush trip to the bathroom. But then I started thinking about the people that can and will hold it in for the duration of the movie, only to rush off the minute the movie seems to end.

Imagine this scenario if you will. You are a big fan of the Terminator series, and before you go to the cinema to see the movie you meet up with some friends to talk about the series, reminisce and make Hasta la vista jokes. Being the careful sort of person and not wanting to miss any scene, like I did when I went to see Start Trek, you go to the bathroom just before the movie starts. At some point you feel nature’s call, but you bravely endure knowing that the movie will soon end and you will be able to relieve yourself.

Here comes the kicker: the moment you think the movie is over, you rush to the bathroom; but when you meet your friends again, they start talking about the awesome scenes that came just after the credits (reminds me of Crank: High Voltage). Of course, you had no idea there would be any additional scenes, not to mention that you were under a bit of strain – if only there would have been some sort of web site you could visit that would tell you these things.

Luckily for you there is: Movie Stinger. All that lengthy presentation just to get a name and a link? Yes, because if you are going to wait for almost two hours to see a movie, you can go though a short article that shows how you will never again miss any scene from a movie.

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