Top 3 Things We Love About Logitech's G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 04 Jan 2017

Logitech just unveiled the brand new G533 Wireless Gaming Headset and I have to say, this thing is amazing. A must have for any serious PC gamer!

I’m not the only one to be quite excited about Logitech’s G533. I think you will be too after you find out more about this wireless gaming headset. Take a look below.

1. Advanced audio everything

Thanks to Logitech’s advanced Pro-G audio drives, the G533 offers the same type of audio performance you would expect from high-end audiophile headphones. And thanks to DTS Headphone:X surround sound technology, the G533 can accurately replicate 7.1 speaker placement and audio positioning. You’ll get clear high and lows, minimal distortion, and you’ll experience in-game environmental effects and positional audio the way the designers intended you to experience them.

“Our audio team set out to create a headset that delivers the most immersive and accurate PC gameplay experience,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of the Logitech gaming business. “With DTS Headphone:X and our Pro-G Driver, the result is amazing. Now, you can amplify game sounds to achieve the most accurate positioning and experience in-game effects.”

The G533 headset features a foldable mic which comes with improved noise cancellation, EQ tuning, a new pop filter that removes hisses and pops, and the popular auto mute feature. If you want to manually mute the mic, the mute button is conveniently placed on the left earcup, next to the easy-to-reach volume control roller.

2. Huge range and battery life

The G533 will offer high fidelity sound with virtually no lag, even when there are dozens of other wireless signals in your proximity, and even if you’'ve gone to grab a drink and you're well away from your PC. According to Logitech, this wireless headset has a range of up to 15 meters (about 50 feet).

The G533 is powered by a rechargeable, replaceable battery that, according to Logitech, should last for up to 15 hours of non-stop gaming. You can also use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to keep an eye on your charge level, so you don’t run out of juice at an inopportune time.

1. It looks great

Logitech used the latest materials and manufacturing techniques to design a durable and lightweight headset that you can comfortably wear for hours. If you’re going to wear something for so long, best make sure it looks great. Well… the G533 certain does. See for yourself.

The Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset rolls out to global retailers starting this month, for a suggested retail price of $149.99.

It may not be cheap, but it's cheaper than the predecessor, the $200 G933.

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