These Obscure but Well-Paid Jobs Are Just as Ridiculous as You Wanting to Be a Pro Gamer

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 12 Jan 2016

You probably dream that someday you’ll earn a living by playing games, that you’ll become a pro gamer or at least start one of those “let’s play” video channels. But you’ll never be good enough to be a pro gamer and you never got around to starting that video channel, did you?

You wanting to make a living off video games seems like a ridiculous idea. Not as ridiculous as these obscure but well-paid jobs, though. Check out the infographic below to see "18 weirdest jobs you never thought to look up."

Via Resume Format 2016.

Yes, yes, I see that the infographic lists Virtual Gold Farmer, a job that involves playing video games. But trust me, you really don’t want it. It sucks all the fun out of playing video games. Then again, if you aren’t good enough to go pro and you don’t want to go into the "let’s play" business, perhaps this will be the closest you can get to earning a living by playing video games.

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