The New, Enhanced by The Linux Foundation

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 14 May 2009

Back in March the Linux Foundation was announcing to the world that it will take care of the editorial and community stewardship of the web page, since SourceForge, the company that used to maintain the Linux domain, discontinued the publication of any new material to the aforementioned domain. At the time the Linux Foundation took on the job of reviving the community by turning the web page into a community resource where the latest OS news, software, documentation and answers would be published.

“We are thrilled to add to our list of programs in service to the Linux community. SourceForge is demonstrating its commitment to the Linux and open source community with this arrangement. We look forward to showcasing the power of collaboration through and our on-going alliance with SourceForge. We intend for to be the central forum for Linux information, community and collaboration,” said Executive Director with the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, back in March.

Two months have passed and it seems that the Linux Foundation has accomplished the task it set out to do. The new web page has been launched (visit here) and it comes with a whole bunch of goodies: forums, blog posts, popular Linux distros list with download links, news, software and hardware info, and numerous other topics the Linux fan might be interested in.

Vice President of Marketing and Developer Programs, Amanda McPherson, comments: “I am pleased to announce the launch of the new, the fruition of many months of hard work from nearly everyone at the Linux Foundation, but especially Dan Lopez and Brian Proffitt. While I’m sure we still have much work to do, I think the site has turned out very well. I’m especially pleased with how we’ve worked with the community through our Ideaforge site to collaboratively develop ideas and content on the site. (Ideaforge users have had access to the site over the last few weeks in a private beta.)”

Major features of the new domain
News: the place to access original content and analysis.
Community: this is where one can form or promote Linux groups.
Distribution Central: community distros are presented here and leading figures from the Linux world (Jono Bacon, Joe Brockmeier, Paul Frields, Martin Krafft and Karsten Wade) will provide much needed help in understanding and using Linux distributions.
Learn: a centralized repository of Linux documentation.
Directory: a database of software apps that run on Linux distributions.

To visit the new Linux web page just click here. Start contributing today and you could win a dream notebook signed by Linus Torvalds himself as part of the Linux Guru program. Executive Director with the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, explains: “Code and online participation is the new resume, and we want to provide a framework for Linux experts to help each other and showcase their talent, knowledge and skills and ultimately improve their careers. We’ve also found that Linux users have a passion for improving the platform. is the community’s resource, and the more information that is shared on Linux, the more benefit to all who participate. We think that active participation on will result in an easier to use, more robust Linux platform.”

The top 5 contributors, at the end of the year, will be given Linux Guru status, will be invited to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, and will be granted a seat at the planning meeting as a community representative.

Each year will put together a list of the top 50 Linux Gurus. These people will be able to use this as a recommendation for potential employers or consulting opportunities, or as a means of showcasing their Linux expertise.

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