The Name Is 7, Windows 7

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 21 Oct 2008

While many of us are still not completely convinced about the need to switch to Windows Vista, the Redmond giant has just come out and announced the name of the next Windows OS.

The name is commonplace, Windows 7, the same name that has been so far used in the development process. It would seem that since Bill Gates left Microsoft, the marketing team are slacking off and could not waste their time coming up with a catchy new name. Previous names, such as XP and even Vista, sounded pretty good and I was rather hoping for another cool sounding name.

According to Mike Nash from Microsoft, this is an exciting time for all the talented people that have worked hard on Windows 7. Why you ask? Well, it is because at the upcoming 2008 PDC (short for Professional Developers Convention) and at the WinHEC 2008, a pre-beta “developer only release” will be made available. This means that we are just one step away from a Beta version of Windows 7 – exciting times indeed.

If you thought that Microsoft went bonkers when naming their upcoming OS, you must know that there is some reasoning to their madness. The name Windows 7 is catchy thanks to its simplicity – this is the 7th Windows build and people must be made aware of it. They could have named it Windows 2009 for example, but that would mean setting a release time table and sticking to it. If the development team would not be able to come up with a final release by the end of ’09, then the name would have to be changed.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to tell you more about Windows 7 in the coming weeks, and show you how we have continued to build on investments begun in Windows Vista to deliver on the next release of the Windows operating system,” says Mike Nash.

Windows 7 is not the only piece of upcoming software that has a simple name. Need for Speed fans are surely aware that the 2009 installment of their favorite game is called “Need for Speed XIII”.

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