Sophos Reveals Top 12 Spam Relaying Countries, China Noticeably Missing

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 29 Apr 2010

If you are curious to find out which countries around the world relay the biggest amounts of spam, then Sophos has a cure for your itch. According to Sophos, company that specializes in providing antivirus, anti-spam, spyware removal software, network and internet security, data protection, and computer security solutions, the top twelve spam relaying countries are:

1. USA with 13.1% of global spam
2. India with 7.3% of global spam
3. Brazil with 6.8% of global spam
4. South Korea with 4.8% of global spam
5. Vietnam with 3.4% of global spam
6. Germany with 3.2% of global spam
9. United Kingdom, Russia, Italy all tie at 3.1% of global spam
10. France with 3.0% of global spam
11. Romania with 2.5% of global spam
12. Poland with 2.4% of global spam

The remaining 47.3% of global spam is attributed to other countries.
Please note that this top 12 refers to spam sent from January to March 2010.

The fact that the good old US of A is at the top of the list is not surprising. What is surprising is the fact that China is noticeably missing. According to Sophos, China, who is most often blamed for cybercrime by other countries, came in at number 15 on the list. It’s spam relaying of 1.9% of global spam was not enough for China to make it in the “dirty dozen” list.

“All eyes aren't so much on which countries are on the list, but the one which isn't. China has earnt itself a bad reputation in many country's eyes for being the launch pad of targeted attacks against foreign companies and government networks, but at least in the last 12 months they can demonstrate that the proportion of spam relayed by their computers has steadily reduced. A new dirty 'gang of four' - South Korea, Brazil, India and their ringleader USA - account for over 30% of all the spam relayed by hacked computers around the globe,” said Senior Technology Consultant with Sophos, Graham Cluley.

As you can see from the graph presented below, the amount of spam relayed through PCs in China, is going down.

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