Samsung Has a Long History of TV Firsts (Infographic & Video)

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 11 Mar 2016

Gone are the days when phones were used just to make calls and TVs were used to, well, just watch TV. Today’s smartphones and smart TVs have changed the way we do things and they’ve raised the bar for what we expect from these types of devices. I for one wouldn’t dream of buying a phone that can’t go online or a TV that can’t play YouTube videos.

The point I’m trying to make is that TVs, much like smartphones, have evolved a lot. And one of the companies that has significantly contributed to the technological advances and innovations that have forever changed the TV viewing experience, is Samsung. The infographic below presents 10 of Samsung’s most important world-first achievements in the TV industry.

Via Samsung Newsroom.

Samsung Electronics, the flagship subsidiary of the huge Samsung Group, entered the TV business way back in 1969. By making significant technological advances in the TV industry, Samsung managed to become a global leader in the TV industry and managed to maintain its leading position for a decade.

“Samsung has been the number one brand in the global TV market for ten consecutive years since 2006, selling over 427 million TVs. Throughout the past decade of its TV manufacturing history, Samsung has acted much more like a start-up meeting risks head on, never slowing down the pace of challenge and creativity,” the company says.

The video embedded below takes a look at how Samsung influenced the TV industry, starting from the 1970s when Samsung was a newcomer to the TV market and going all the way up to 2016 when Samsung released its SUHD TV.

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And speaking about smartphones, did you know that the things your smartphone can do would be worth over $32 million if this was 1985?

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