RunPee: Useful Web Services for the Moviegoer

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 26 May 2009

Don’t you hate it when you anxiously await the premier of a movie, make preparations ahead of time, and when you are finally in the movie theatre a bodily function forces you to run to the bathroom? You could of course hold it in for a while until it is safe to dash off to the bathroom (for example a moment in the movie when nothing happens and you could satisfy your bathroom needs), but how do you know when the right moment comes?

I say this from my own experience: when Start Trek was released, I decided to go and see it. Of course, I met a couple of friends a few hours before the movie started so that we could talk about the Star Trek series (over a couple of cold ones, of course). And wouldn’t you know it, right in the middle of the movie I had to go to the bathroom and I missed the part where Spock explains how he traveled back in time. If only I had known back then about a handy online service called RunPee, I would have known when it is safe to rush off to the bathroom.

The site itself (visit RunPee here) is not much to look at, but the functionality it provides is nothing to laugh at. You click the name of a movie, and you are provided with a timeline of moments when you can, well, go pee. The first moment when you can make your dash for the bathroom, in my Star Trek case, is about 50 minutes in to the movie, “when Capt. Pike leaves the bridge on his way to Nero’s ship” – you will have about 3 minutes to before you need to get back and not miss something interesting.

If you want to know what you will be missing while you are not in the movie theatre, RunPee provides such info as well. The thing is that it is scrambled – for diehard fans that do not want to spoil their movie going experience, I suggest you don’t press “click to unscramble”; but if you want to know what you will be missing, then go ahead and click the button.

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