Poopfiction Finds You a Short or Long Story to Read

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 07 Sep 2015

If you want to do a bit of reading in your time of need, then you have to check out the Poopfiction website.

Tell it how long you plan to spend on the toilet and it will display a short or a long story that you can read in your browser, on your smartphone or tablet.

Before smartphones and tablets, people took newspapers, magazines, and even books with them when they went to the toilet. Why you ask? Well, what else is there to do to pass the time while you’re waiting for…you know. I too used to take books with me to the toilet. A few pages today, a few pages tomorrow, and before I knew it, I’d finish a book.

Nowadays, lots of people take their smartphones with them when they go to the toilet. Which is great, because you can do a bit of light reading on it! All you have to do is access the Poopfiction website on your smartphone and it will find you something to read. Here’s how it works.

Poopfiction – Main Features
  • Find me a story – three amount of time are available: tiny 1-2 minutes, short 2-3 minutes, medium 3-4 minutes, and long 4+ minutes. Pick an amount of time, click "Find me a story”, and Poopfiction will find some literature for you to read.
  • Another like this – not done yet? No problem, click "Another like this” and Poopfiction will find some more literature for you to read.
  • Random story – click the hamburger icon from the upper right hand corner and you’ll see multiple options to find a random story. A random tiny, short, medium or long story.
  • Your History – access it to view all the literature you read on Poopfiction.
Please note that all the stories Poopfiction presents are public domain works pulled from the Project Gutenberg website.

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