Pocket Radio Player: Simple yet Impressive Radio Player

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 13 Mar 2013

If you like to listen to the radio while going about your day, I recommend you give Pocket Radio Player a try. This free, portable, and cross-platform application is impressive in its simplicity.

We all like to have some kind of music playing in the background while we go about our day. I in particular like to listen to online radio stations – I just pick one that suits my taste and let it play. The Pocket Radio Player application caters to all my needs and wants: it comes with a long list of radio stations, it minimizes in the system tray so it’s not in the way, and it is offered for free.

Pocket Radio Player is available for multiple platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows. That is certainly nice. Focusing on Windows alone, the nice thing is that you won’t have to install anything. To get started with the application you will have to download an archive (little over 10Mb in size), extract its contents, and then run the “prp” executable. So to sum it up, you will quickly get Pocket Radio Player up and running on your PC and you can get it up and running on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Pocket Radio Player provides seamless access to a wealth of radio stations which are presented as a list on its interface. The star next to a radio station signifies that said radio station was added to the favorites list (see The 80s Channel in the image below). The bars next to a station is correlated to the rating you gave that station – five bars means you rated the station as great (see The Alternative Channel in the image below).

Now, let’s say that you don’t want to browse through the huge radio stations collection, let’s say you want to focus on a particular musical genre. There’s a dropdown menu at the bottom that lets you do just that. It lets choose between alternative, club, electronic, reggae, rock & metal, and many other genres.

As mentioned above, you can rate and favorite stations. To do so you need only right click on a radio station.

Click on the star icon next to the aforementioned genres dropdown and you will access a list of all the stations you marked as favorites.

Pocket Radio Player also lets you play with a few settings: you can select one of multiple languages for the interface, you can pick one of multiple skins for the interface, you can set the buffer size, and more. Just check out the image below.

Select a radio station, launch the playback, and this is what you will see.

But what I like about Pocket Radio Player is that it minimizes to the system tray. I don’t want the music player to be in the way, I want it to stay in the background and do its job without interfering with my work. Pocket Radio Player does precisely that.

Place the mouse cursor over the system tray icon and you will be provided with info on whatever song is playing. Right click the icon and you will be presented with a context menu that lets you mute the sound, access the Options menu, stations list, Credits and About menu, and close the application.

Pocket Radio Player is a free application. Enjoy it without having to part with your hard earned money.

Additional information on Pocket Radio Player is available on its official webpage here.

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