Opera Max Data-savings App Gets App Blocking Feature

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 27 May 2015

Opera Software gave Opera Max, its data-savings app for Android, a cool new feature: App Blocking.

By using this new feature you can block apps from using data without your permission and stop apps from running in the background and wasting your battery.

Opera Max – Brief Presentation

Even though Opera Max has been around since 2014, I feel the need to briefly introduce it: this is Opera Software’s data-savings app. It can compress videos, images and text so that you use less data when you are connected to the web. That’s something that comes in very handy when you have a limited data plan.

On top of that, Opera Max will tell you how much data you used, how much data you’ve saved, and which applications use the most data.

Opera Max – What’s New

Certain apps sneakily run in the background, draining your phone’s battery and consuming data without your permission. The latest Opera Max version helps you block unnecessary apps and thus save battery, it helps you block apps that consume data in the background without your permission.

“With the new App Blocking feature, users can prevent apps from tracking them or using data without their permission, as well as being able to stop apps from running in the background to conserve precious battery life. The ‘Blocked Apps’ section gives users complete control over mobile data access and Wi-Fi data access,” said Opera Software in a press release.

The latest Opera Max version comes with another new feature: support for Wi-Fi. There’s a new Wi-Fi data-savings option, meaning that Opera Max helps you control your mobile data and your Wi-Fi data.

And last but not least, the latest Opera Max version features a new, Material Design interface. The tabbed navigation design has been replaced by a modern Material Design navigation pattern with a navigation drawer.

Get Opera Max for Android for Google Play.
Learn more about Opera Max here.

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