GeekUninstaller: A Most Efficient Means of Uninstalling Software

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 30 May 2012

As a software reviewer here at FindMySoft, I get to test tons of software applications on a weekly basis. Some of them I keep because they’re interesting and useful – the rest of them I uninstall. As you can imagine, I end up uninstalling quite a lot of applications. And as someone who’s around software all day long, I know better than to use the default uninstall tool that Windows has to offer.

I found an application that is incredibly efficient at uninstalling applications from any Windows-powered machine – I think that it is even more efficient than CCleaner, the tool on which I used to rely for uninstall tasks. The application in question has the cool name of GeekUninstaller. There is much to like about it, so if you want to jump right in and get application, then I’ll tell you that you can download it straight from FindMySoft here. But if you stick around, I will tell you why I like this application so much - I will present the top 3 things I like about it.

First and foremost, I like the functionality: the application presents you with a list of installed applications; double click an entry on the list and the uninstall process begins. Event though you uninstall applications, they sometimes leave files and Registry entries behind. The brilliant thing about GeekUninstaller is that after uninstalling an application, it automatically looks for things the application left behind. It will find leftover files and Registry entries and it will remove them.

If something went wrong, you won’t be able to uninstall an application. Having to deal with such stubborn application is a big pain in the unmentionables. GeekUninstaller does away with the pain by force removing these stubborn applications. Other times, even though the application was uninstalled, it’s still displayed in the list of available applications. GeekUninstaller has a solution for this as well: Remove Entry.

Second of all, I like the ease of use. Getting started with GeekUninstaller is easy because you don’t need to install anything, you need only run an executable (this makes the application portable, and that’s another thing I like about it). Using the application is easy because you need only double click an application to start the uninstall process. Find the application you want to uninstall is easy as well – just start typing its name and the list will be filtered based on what you type.

Coming in at number three on the list of things I like about GeekUninstaller is the fact that it is free. I don’t particularly like to part with my hard earned money, so I appreciate it when I get much needed functionality from a free application.

Other features I liked about GeekUninstaller that did not make it into the top three are: the application is portable (as I already mentioned above), you can view an installed application’s Registry entry, and you can easily visit an installed application’s official website.

If you want to download, read a review, and view a video presentation of GeekUninstaller click here.

If you want to visit the application’s official website, click here.

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