Chrome 9.0 with WebGL, Chrome Instant, Chrome Web Store is Out

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 04 Feb 2011

Mountain View-based search engine giant Google had announced that its Chrome web browser, the stable version, has been updated to v. 9.0.597.84 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Besides the obligatory security fixes, Chrome 9.0 comes several new features. Keep reading below to see what’s new in Chrome 9.0.

WebGL Support
Thanks to WebGL, a cross-platform, royalty-free web standard, Chrome 9.0 users can experience rich 3D graphics inside the browser. Or to put it in other words, Chrome 9.0 users do not have to get additional software to enjoy hardware

Chrome Instant
Chrome Instant is just like Google Instant, the search enhancement that shows results as you type. As soon as you start typing the URL of a website you regularly visit, you will notice that the site loads automatically as you type. Search results will appear instantly, as you type search queries into the Omnibox (granted of course your default search engine supports this). If your default is Google, you’re fine.

Please note that Chrome Instant has to be turned on: click the wrench icon -> Options -> Basics tab -> check Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing.

Chrome Web Store
The Chrome Web Store that was announced back in December 2010, is no open to all users in the US. Chrome 9.0 users will notice a Chrome Web Store link on the New Tab page and two sample apps. The sample apps will disappear after a while if you don’t use them.

“Some of the newest additions in the Chrome Web Store include BBC GoodFood, Autodesk, Sesame Street, nine Games and Marvel Comics. There are also many apps that take advantage of the latest web technologies to deliver an immersive experience, such as Tweetdeck and The New York Times. While the store is currently only available for Chrome users in the U.S., we’re working hard to expand availability to users around the world soon, so stay tuned!” commented Software Engineers Erik Kay and Aaron Boodman.

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