Barracuda: Opera 11.10 Will Have a Cool Codename

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 16 Feb 2011

The latest stable version of the Opera web browser is Opera 11.01 which is known as, well, Opera 11.01. Norwegian software developer Opera Software has recently announced that using plain names like Opera 11.01 just doesn’t cut it anymore, so starting with the upcoming Opera 11.10, the browser will not be known by the plain name Opera 11.10, it will have a cool codename instead.

It’s not just Opera 11.10 that will have a cool codename. Opera Software said that all upcoming versions of Opera will have exciting code names. Opera 11.10 will be the first web browser to get a cool name and the versions that will come after it will have a cool codename as well.

Getting back to the upcoming Opera 11.10, what codename will the browser have? It will be known by its cool codename Barracuda. The barracuda, as Opera Software explained, is “a sleek fish with a torpedo-like body, dagger-like teeth, and a ferocious appetite. Built to hunt in the ocean, it relies on surprise, agility, and bursts of speed to overtake its prey. The barracuda can even consume larger fish.”

Opera Software went on to say that the first Barracuda snapshot will be released to the public in the near future. The software developer also said that one popular Opera feature, didn’t say which, will be improved, will be taken to the next level in Barracuda.

As a little side note, Mozilla already uses codenames for its browsers. Firefox 3.5’s codename is Shiretoko, after the Namoroka national park in Madagascar. Firefox 3.6’s codename is Namoroka, after the Namoroka national park in Madagascar. Firefox 4, which is still in Beta (Beta 11 has been released last week), carries the codename Tumucumaque, after the world's largest tropical rain forest park, which is a sanctuary for many species, including jaguars and pumas.

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